Betaspring Fall 2012 Companies


Betaspring Fall 2012 Companies

Betaspring is a startup accelerator program based in Providence, RI. This week, their latest class of companies are launching and entrepreneurs will be very busy pitching their ideas to potential investors.

Let's take a look at the companies from this session.


AutoBike is designing a new automatic shifting bicycle to create the smoothest, most comfortable riding experience ever. On an AutoBike, all you need to do is pedal and let the bike do the rest. No shifting, just fun.


Imagine ordering your favorite food, paid for and delivered, with ONE CLICK. Crunchbutton does exactly that. We curate the best food items from the best restaurants within a community, so you can order favorites online and on your phone with just one button. Brought to you by the creators of One Button Wenzel, the cult phenomenon that sold over $50K of a single sandwich at Yale.


Greentape is bringing merchants additional streams of revenue through a lifestyle loyalty platform that engages and excites their customers. Using plug-and-play sensors, the Greentape app gives consumers walk-in rewards and delivers beautiful product stories to their smartphone.

HealthID Profile

HealthID Profile makes medical ID bracelets for the millions of people who need them by infusing fashion with technology. Our simple-to-use, cloud-based platform allows wearers to add, update, and sync critical information to their bracelet. HIP offers a simple, secure solution that stores pertinent information. Visit to see how our application can offer you peace of mind!


Kuratur takes control of the fire hose of information bombarding you on the internet every day and puts it to work. Marketers use Kuratur to see the best content and then share it with prospects and customers.


Pennant brings the expressive power of desktop ads to mobile devices. With Pennant's powerful ad creation tool, ad agencies can create interactive advertisements, which are delivered via advertising networks to desktops, phones, and tablets using Pennant's ad engine. With Pennant, agencies keep pace with technology and networks earn more.


Plandree is a collaborative vacation planner that helps you discover incredible experiences and makes planning easy. Simply create an itinerary and start group planning with your friends and family. Plandree brings the world’s adventure to you, leaving you more time to figure out how to escape wearing matching t-shirts.


Rootless is a ridesharing community that connects drivers and passengers to make sharing rides easier. By freeing people from the limitations of public transportation and the cost of driving alone, they are able to enjoy the ride that is life. Rootless made ink this week by launching a service specifically for fans of the Patriots. Fans can visit to be matched with others in their local areas to share rides to games.


Scholrly is a research search engine that makes it simple and quick to explore connections between related work and domain experts. With Scholrly, you can drill down and identify the people and papers that matter most to you.


TennisHub is a social platform that makes it easy for players of all skill levels to play more tennis. Users create games and TennisHub’s powerful player matching engine finds the best partner based on a series of key attributes. TennisHub streamlines booking court time and enrolling in group events while providing tennis facilities and programs with powerful tools to attract new players, increase frequency of play and simplify their business.


TouchVu allows small businesses to instantly convert their Facebook business pages into websites that are fully optimized for mobile phones, tablets, and PCs.

Umbie DentalCare

Umbie DentalCare is a web-based management solution for dental practices that provides all the functionality that a modern dental practice needs while meeting the HITECH law requirements.


WorldBrain takes learning beyond the classroom by making it easy for teachers and parents to travel the world with their students. For the millions of group travelers, we provide free, simple solutions to plan, share, and explore the planet.