10 "Who's Next" Influential Women in Boston Tech/Innovation


"Who's Next" - The Women Who Will Be Leading the Next Wave of Boston Innovation

Recently we published our list of "25 Influential Women" in Boston.

It was not easy to select twenty-five women as we had far more nominees than those that made it on the list and had to make some tough decisions in the end. While compiling the "25 Influential" list, we came across some young entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders who may be under-the-radar now, but won't be for much longer.

Here is our list of "Who's Next": the up-and-coming women in tech, marketing, leadership, and ideas, who are going to be leading the next wave of innovation in Boston.

Zoe Barry - ZappRx

Zoe Barry is the CEO and Founder of ZappRx, the prescription management system that has raised $1M from Atlas. Before starting ZappRX, she worked at AthenaHealth, and was a Fellow in the Boston Startup Leadership Program.

From what we hear, ZappRx is about to make an even bigger impact in the pharma/MedTech sector very soon.

Dulcie Madden - Rest Devices

Dulcie Madden is the CEO and Co-Founder of Rest Devices, which created a wearable, onesie infant monitor that monitors respiration, body position, skin temperature, audio, and activity level and alerts parent's smartphones of any unusual activity.

Rest Devices recently raised a $1.3M Seed Round of funding.

Marissa Lowman - LearnLaunch

Marissa Lowman was a local writer before starting the EdTechup, which became one of the biggest meetups in the city. After that, she helped found LearnLaunch with Jean Hammond and Eileen Rudden, two of our "VentureFizz 25 Influential Women".

Lowman is currently the Executive Director of LearnLaunch, which has been vital in making Boston the EdTech center of the world.

Karen Rubin - EIR Matrix Partners

Karen Rubin started at HubSpot when there were only thirty employees at the inbound marketing giant. As an Entrepreneur in Residence at Matrix Partners, Rubin is working with the firm to evaluate investments while considering ideas to start a company or to join a team.

Nicole Fichera - District Hall/Innovation District

It's almost shocking that Nicole Fichera only graduated from Northeastern a few years ago and thought of heading into the world of architecture and design. Luckily for us, Fichera joined up with the City of Boston.

As the Innovation District Manager, she has played a major role in making the dream that is the Innovation District come to life in the Seaport, and was also instrumental in the design, planning, and creation of District Hall/Gather.

Emma Tangoren - Rough Draft Ventures

Emma Tangoren is only a senior at Boston University, but she has already been involved with Foursquare, Uber, General Assembly, and Etsy. She is a partner at Rough Draft Ventures, the venture fund run by local college students.

Cheryl Morris - Nanigans

Often described as one of the smartest marketing people in the Boston tech/innovation community, Cheryl Morris is the Director of Marketing at Nanigans. Prior to Nanigans, she played a vital role in the early days of Bostinno/Streetwise Media.

Parul Singh - Gradeable

Parul Singh has degrees from a couple of school's called Harvard and MIT, and is the Founder and CEO of Gradeable, the formative assessment correction app for teachers that was part of LearnLaunchX's first cohort. She is also one of the most buzzed about young executives in Boston and has been mentored by Eileen Rudden, Brian Halligan, and more.

Rose Grabowski - Invaluable

Rose Grabowski just joined Invaluable.com as its Director of Product Management. A fast rising star in heading up product development, 
the MIT grad helped lead product and UX as the Manager of "Me-Commerce" at Gemvara.

Kate Willett - Viral Gains

Kate Willett is the Co-Founder and VP of Business Development for MassChallenge company Viral Gains. The company has created a social video/viral marketing platform to help businesses get more attention through video. Also, Viral Gains was awarded $100K at this year's MassChallenge Awards.

And 5 More...

Elizabeth Ducoff leads marketing for Providence's Swipely. However, we hear that she is quietly playing a role as an angel investor, leading/joining her husband, Nick Ducoff, on some recent funding deals including Panorama Education.

Casey Hogan is the President of the Northeastern Entrepreneurs Club and an Investment Team Member at the Dorm Room Fund.

Sarah Haig is the Co-Founder of the MassChallenge nuclear material detector company, Silverside Detectors.

Kitt George ran NEVCA while CA Webb was out on maternity leave and continues to help lead the New England Venture Capital Association with some new initiatives.

Elizabeth Asai graduated from Yale last year and is the CEO and Co-Founder of 3Derm Systems, the 3D image-skin cancer detection company that won the Boston Healthbox Accelerator's Innovation Day.