10 Monster eCommerce Companies Based in Boston [Slideshow]



Framingham-based Staples is the world's largest office products company and the SECOND LARGEST eCommerce company, after Amazon.com.


Vistaprint, the business card and other services business, is another company that is reporting revenue over a billion dollars in 2013. The company is also becoming one of the largest printers in the entire country.


Wayfair is going to cross the $1 Billion in revenue mark this year. 
The company, founded by Niraj Shah and Steve Conine is one of the biggest furniture retailers in the world. And, you may start to see their new commercial a bit more as the holiday season kicks into full gear.

Rue La La

Rue La La, the membership fashion deal site, seems to be busting out of the seams of its Fort Point/South Boston headquarters. 

According to sources, revenues are at $350M a year.

Rue La La was named the 2012 Mobile Merchandiser of the Year by Mobile Commerce Daily.


Shoebuy is the 'largest retailer on the Internet focused on all categories of footwear and related apparel and accessories."

Founded by Scott Savitz in 1999/2000, Shoebuy.com was acquired by IAC in 2006. In the 2012 Internet Retailer Top 500, Shoebuy was ranked #90. 

Our revenue estimates are between $250M - $350M.


Recently, Scott Kirsner tweeted, "Whoa: Karmaloop founder Greg Selkoe says their revenue run rate this year is ~$200 million... Not too shabby!"

Not too shabby at all for the "Verge Culture" and streetwear e-commerce company and budding media conglomerate.

The Grommet

The Grommet is a product launch platform and they are building one of the fastest growing online marketplaces. As the company continues to expand its products and marketplace, Jules Pieri's company is one of the Boston companies to keep an eye on in 2014.


CustomMade in Cambridge is building out a very successful online marketplace connecting buyers with makers of custom goods.

They have been growing at a very steady clip and have raised over $25M in funding, including $18M this past June.  Check out their BizzPage by clicking here!

Ministry of Supply

Ministry of Supply's two Kickstarter campaigns raised more than $600K; also, they recently announced a $1.1 million Seed Round led by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh's Vegas Tech Fund.

With their Apollo shirts, Aviator and Aero pants, and Atlas socks already huge successes, it is exciting to imagine what MoS will come up with next.


Gemvara, the gemstone jewelry company that was founded out of Matt Lauzon's dorm room at Babson, now has a brick-and-mortar shop, the Gemvara Experience, on Newbury Street and a monster billboard hanging over the Pike.
They've also raised $51M in funding to date.


There are a ton of companies that are just beginning to break into the e-commerce space. Some are doing so with unbelievable success including Gloss48 and Category 5 Shoes. There are also a few companies like Invaluable and Blueport Commerce that are huge e-commerce companies who are on the cusp of unbelievable growth in 2014.