Rue La La

Inspiration every day. Personal style for life.

Rue La La

20 Channel Center
Boston, MA 02210

Company Overview

Ready for the most memorable experience of your professional career (if we do say so ourselves)? Then join us at Rue La La. Rue burst onto the scene in 2008, disrupting retail with our high-end, flash-sale model. Today, we’re an established company, but we still have that start-up spark. And we use it to find new ways to engage, inspire, and surprise our more than 15 million loyal Members with an unmatched consumer experience. We’re also applying that energy to our next big task: rewriting the rules around e-commerce and content.

At Rue, we think true style is about more than what we sell. (Although we can’t get enough of that either.) Our day-to-day style? Just as important. Whether we’re in our Boston, Kentucky, or New York office, we lead by example. We strive to be tenacious, decisive, passionate, collaborative, innovative, and kind. Every day.

We grab coffee and brainstorm new ways to delight our Members. Volunteer on- and off-hours together. And plan some serious birthday surprises for our coworkers, because nothing sparks creativity like a breakfast granola buffet or an afternoon slice of cake.

And this style of work? It inspires confidence in our Members and confidence in ourselves to think, create, innovate, and make our 9-to-5 more than what happens between weekends.

Ready to Rue?

Ken Pickering
Director of Engineering

There’s a lot to like about Rue La La. The major thing that keeps me really psyched to come into the office every day has to be the people I work with. Everyone is really collaborative (with Kindness as one of our core values), and I feel like we’re all aligned on making Rue the best possible shopping destination it can be for our customers... It also helps that we’re working on a lot of really interesting features as we try to transform the e-commerce and flash sale space.  We don’t shy away from hard technical challenges, nor are we ever satisfied with the status quo. The honest truth is, I couldn’t ask for a better place to work.

Claire Bourdeau
Manager of UX

When people ask where I work and what I do, I proudly tell them how much I love the people I work with and the fun and exciting challenges that I get to work on. The understanding and appreciation for the importance of having a strong Product and UX team makes me so proud to be a part of it. I love that the work I do can make a direct impact on the millions of customers who shop on Rue La La every day. Rue La La continues to bring in super talented, high-energy, fun-to-be-around people that makes me feel so grateful to be a part of the team.

Misha Korablin
Lead Front End Engineer

Rue La La exceeded all of my expectations. Talented, knowledgeable, passionate, and collaborative people at the core of the company drive innovation and solve technical challenges beyond your average e-commerce business. Everyone gets a lot of freedom to excel and every accomplishment is recognized.

Stephen Harrison
Platform Architect

It's refreshing to see Rue's core values reflect the culture—they're not just some lofty management wish. I've never worked with a more passionate team. I learn important technical stuff every day along with the power of compromise and kindness. I love it here.