Revolutionary Angels

Address: 54 Washburn Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140


Our Philosophy
Revolutionary Angels' primary goal is to invest in businesses that will be stable ongoing companies providing an infrastructure for employment and growth. Our funding model releases us from the constraints of traditional Angel Investors, Venture Capital firms, and lending institutions have. While it would be thrilling if the companies invested in go on to be industry leaders that reach an IPO or are acquired. We do not require that level of return for us to consider an investment a success. There is nothing wrong with a "lifestyle" business that provides employment and opportunity for growth.
Revolutionary Angels connects entrepreneurs that are just getting started to seasoned entrepreneurs that have successfully navigated the challenges of launching a new venture. We also provide a community for entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and strategies on how to maximize their time while staying focused on the goal of building their businesses.
What we do
Revolutionary Angels provides seed funding of up to $250,000 to great teams with great ideas. Our team also provides guidance and feedback on your business plan as well as connections to the services you will need to properly structure and launch your business.
How we do it
Revolutionary Angels accepts business plans from one hundred companies and reviews those plans for the leading ideas and teams that are ready for investment. As part of the process we host an event where successful entrepreneurs and service providers take you through the process of building a successful business. Our speakers and partner have successfully been through the process of building sustainable businesses throughout their careers.

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