Address: One Broadway, 10th floor, Cambridge, MA 02142


Fueled by the innovation engine in Massachusetts, the American entrepreneurial ecosystem is the most creative and resilient in the world. But the current economic crisis has placed our entrepreneurs and innovators in peril by eliminating funding sources and discouraging risk taking. Times of crisis are notoriously prolific periods of innovation – this is the perfect time to catalyze the enlightened, high-growth firms and industries of the future.
The Solution
We propose using a combination of public and private funds to catalyze growth and jobs by launching the worlds largest independent startup competition in Massachusetts across six tracks:
* Healthcare, and Life Sciences
* IT, Software, and Gaming
* Clean Technology and Energy
* Social Development and Non-profit
* Open Category, Seed Stage
* Open Category, Expansion Stage
Every entrant will receive access to training, mentors, executives, other team members and sources of funding. Experts from the Massachusetts ecosystem will identify the highest potential startups, which will receive cash prizes and will qualify for privileged access to funding sources from across Massachusetts and New England.
This is an efficient and effective form of stimulus and is an ideal means for Massachusetts to harness and showcase the expertise of our universities, VCs, lawyers, entrepreneurs and businesses – after all, we've been providing revolutionary ideas since 1776.

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