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MIT Enterprise Forum: A Chat with LivingSocial’s CEO on Being Aggressive & ROI Positive

Jun 8, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

Thanks to the MIT Enterprise Forum and the Innovation Series for hosting me and Tim O’Shaughnessy, CEO and co-founder of LivingSocial, last night. I moderated a chat with Tim followed by demos from four startups, TurningArt, LocalResponse, Clovr Media and Manpacks, in the Offline-to-Online Commerce space. While I was looking forward to simply hearing... Read more

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HTML5 for Mobile: What You Need to Know – Now

May 31, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

We live in a pretty interesting time with respect to the mobile web. Smartphones are finally beginning to overtake feature phones in terms of overall adoption and more people are spending more of their time on the web through their mobile devices. People are looking for a mobile web that is filled with dynamic websites, rich video, and high speed games... Read more

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meCommerce And The 3 Megatrends Changing The Face Of Retail

May 24, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

The face of retail is changing. More consumers are turning to digital to shop online each day and their expectations are increasing. The bar is getting higher, and selling a commodity good online and competing on price against the Amazons of the world is a scary proposition. As consumer preferences and expectations for online shopping shift there... Read more

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Which Boston VC Partners Have the Most Klout?

May 23, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

In the beginning of May we wrote about how venture capital firms and their employees are leveraging Twitter in an effort to attract talent, brand themselves, expand their reach and visibility, and offer thought leadership — ultimately working to attract deal flow. We then used Klout (a service that has emerged as one of the winners in the online influence scoring... Read more

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Lessons From a Failed Startup: Hangout Industries

May 18, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

t’s with a lot of sadness, that I admit that I am shutting down Hangout – the first 3D experience on Facebook. The original vision of Hangout started in 2006 around the notion of media sharing with your friends and leveraging api’s on Facebook that were not even public yet. I raised capital quickly from world-class VC’s, built a team became a TechCrunch 50 finalist, pivoted... Read more

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Does Boston Have a Consumer Tech Scene? Q&A with Highland Capital VC

May 13, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

To say that consumer tech startups are hot right now would be more than an understatement. Between Facebook, Zynga, Groupon, Twitter, and LinkedIn, the most talked about and valuable startups are all consumer web businesses from San Francisco. Additionally, the most noteworthy financings / launches, including the $41 million Series A round raised by... Read more

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Q&A: Fig Card Co-Founder Dave McLaughlin on PayPal Deal, What’s Next & Boston Startups

May 5, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

Dave McLaughlin has a pretty interesting resume: co-founder at Fig Card, Founding Executive Director of Boston World Partnerships, Director of Marketing for Boston Redevelopment Authority and even feature film director. As such, we here at BostInno thought he’d make for a great interview. So, I sat down for 5 questions with Dave McLaughlin, fresh off of a successful exit for Fig Card... Read more

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A Deeper Look at Seed Stage Investing with Kent Bennett & Rob Go

Apr 29, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

Over the past year and a half, the seed stage investment ecosystem has exploded. With dozens of angels, super-angels (see Dave McClure), micro-vc funds (see IA Ventures), institutionalized seed funds (see Founder Collective), and incubator programs cropping up (see any of the billion new incubators), competition to fund seed stage deals has ratcheted up... Read more

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Retail Giant Ebay Acquires Where for $135 Million

Apr 20, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

According to our contacts at the company and confirmed by PayPal this morning, Boston based Where has been acquired by internet giant Ebay. The news of this deal was brought to our attention late last week, but also included rumors of other giants like RIM also putting in bids. According to sources very close to the deal the price tag for Where was reported at $135 million... Read more

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Meet the ‘Startup Tribe’ at Harvard Business School

Jan 12, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

It all started with an informal mention by Harvard Business School Professor Tom Eisenmen around this time last year. He fondly referred to a group of passionate entrepreneurs who had been going to him for advice as a “startup tribe.” The group gained momentum quickly thanks to a Wiki and an initial group of dedicated students who spread the word. Since then the Startup Tribe... Read more

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