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Atlas Venture Partner, Jeff Fagnan: The One Man Economic Development Team

Aug 8, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

The first time I met Jeff was in the Seaport District on a rainy Monday night outside of Whiskey Priest. Soaking wet, he plopped his bike helmet down on a side table and introduced himself with a big old grin. I couldn’t believe this guy was coming from Cambridge. Did he seriously just bike here? That’s Jeff Fagnan for you. A Fixie-touting, adventure embracing, venture... Read more

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Kinvey Turns $1M Investment at TechStars Demo Day into a $2M Seed Round

Aug 4, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

Back in June at TechStars Demo Day, Kinvey kicked off their presentation with an introduction from Atlas Venture’s Fred Destin. As Destin introduced the mobile backend as a service company he announced that Atlas was investing $1 million in the startup. Today, we have learned that Kinvey has turned that $1 million into a $2 million seed round by... Read more

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The Young & The Funded: Boris Revsin of CampusLIVE

Aug 4, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

I weave my way through Boston’s North End to find my way to the CampusLIVE offices for a sit down with the company’s co-founder and CEO, Boris Revsin. When I get there and ring the bell, Boris himself answers, to my surprise. He greets me like we’re old friends, even though we’ve only met once before (and very briefly) at an event. Before I can say or do... Read more

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The Young & The Funded: Matt Lauzon of Gemvara

Jul 28, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

We’re sitting in Matt Lauzon’s Gemvara office, staring each other down from across his desk. He’s thinking and looks like he wants to say something, so I patiently wait. He’s got on his standard uniform of jeans and button down shirt (only second to his Lululemon performance tee), his sneakers propped up on his desk. All of a sudden, he quickly lowers his feet, leans intently... Read more

Category: BostInno, Gemvara, Matt Lauzon

HubSpot Valued at $260 Million, Eyeing IPO in 2012

Jul 20, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

A month has passed since HubSpot announced its acquisition of marketing automation company Performable and now it’s a waiting game until we see a release of integrated products for their newly combined customer base. Performable technology will help the HubSpot platform augment marketing functionality and turn site visitors into leads and eventually customers... Read more

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Yep, SCVNGR/LevelUp Pivots into Mobile Payments; Aims to Replace Loyalty Punch-cards

Jul 14, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

According to SCVNGR’s blog this morning, we were pretty spot on with our report yesterday around the company’s anticipated “leveling up” announcement. LevelUp is moving away from daily deals to attempt to be a player in the mobile payments space, targeting small merchants. Their solution, like sources hinted to us over the course of the last week... Read more

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CSN Stores Founders Cash Out Half of $165 Million Funding Round

Jul 6, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

Two weeks ago we broke the news of CSN Stores’ $165 million round of funding from Battery Ventures, Spark Capital, HarbourVest Partners and Great Hill Partners. The is the first institutional money CSN has raised in its nine-year history and will be used to expedite CSN’s expansion efforts and bolster the company’s brand new plan to consolidate its... Read more

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Are You an Inventor, Innovator or Entrepreneur?

Jun 23, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

An article in today examines inventor, innovator and entrepreneur — terms often used interchangeably, but which the article’s author puts forth are fundamentally different. The article suggests that each term refers to “different links in the total value-chain of progress.” Inventors: Idea-oriented who solve problems in a non-linear way... Read more

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oneforty Launches SocialBase to Manage Your Social Media Needs

Jun 15, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

Cambridge based oneforty, once dubbed the Twitter app store, is announcing the launch of a new software as a service tool, SocialBase. SocialBase is a collaborative social media and community management platform. It is designed to eliminate the chaos of the social media marketing workflow and the disorganization that social media managers face coordinating teams... Read more

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The Anti-Portfolio: Q&A With Joe Medved of Softbank Capital

Jun 10, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

Every day, news sites like TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and BostInnovation post articles announcing the most recent financing of startups by venture capital firms. However, amidst all of these financing announcements, the general public never hears about all of the startups that VC firms turn down. In fact, many of the most successful startups... Read more

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