Text analytics and understanding company spun out of the MIT Media Lab. We use common sense! NLP, ML, and being a tech entrepreneur in Boston.

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Luminoso is a language understanding company. Our proprietary conceptual engine – born out of a decade's research at the MIT Media Lab – analyzes vast quantities of text in seconds. By understanding the fundamentals of human language, we derive insights and conclusions that are critical to enlightened decision-making. As a conceptual engine, all content is equal to us. Luminoso doesn't just work within narrow categories; we create categories based on what the text tells us. We take any form of unstructured text – emails, news stories, research results, social media rants – and identify the ideas, patterns, dot-connections, underlying themes, and buried intelligence. 

Luminoso's nuanced understanding goes deeper than the surface layer of sentiment analysis, giving decision-makers new tools to act more quickly and intelligently. Whether you’re trying to understand what consumers are really saying about your product, or whether a viral video is about to cause serious reputation damage, or if apple is a happier flavor than grape, Luminoso shines light where there was darkness.

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Meet Our Management Team

Dr. Catherine Havasi
Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

Dr. Catherine Havasi has been researching language and learning for nearly fifteen years. In addition to being CEO of Luminoso, she is a research scientist in artificial intelligence and computational linguistics at the MIT Media Lab. She co-founded the Open Mind Common Sense project, which uses information about the world to understand natural language text and make computers easier to use.

Rob Speer
Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

Rob Speer is an alumnus of the MIT Media Lab, and now brings his expertise in natural language processing to the CTO position at Luminoso. At MIT, he led the development of recent versions of ConceptNet, the open-source, multilingual knowledge base created based on the crowd-sourced AI project Open Mind Common Sense. His M.Eng. thesis presented a new way for computers to understand semantics based on a dimensionality-reduced representation of ConceptNet. He has also contributed open-source code for natural language processing that has become part of Python's popular Natural Language ToolKit (NLTK) and been published in the O'Reilly book Natural Language Processing with Python.

Jason Alonso
Chief Financial Officer, Director of Technical Operations, Co-Founder

Jason Alonso is an alumnus of the MIT Media Lab. He developed some of the machine learning techniques and representations that went into Luminoso. Jason currently works on code and infrastructure for Luminoso, recently with additional help from Paul. He also manages our financial affairs.

Ken Arnold

Kenneth Arnold is an alumnus of the MIT Media Lab, where he worked with Catherine, Rob, and Jason on the natural language resources and machine learning technology that now powers Luminoso. He is now a graduate student in Computer Science at Harvard, where he brings together machine learning and human-computer interaction to make computers both more powerful and easier to use.

Dennis Clark
Chief Strategy Officer, Co-founder

Dennis Clark studied algebraic geometry and theoretical computer science at Harvard University. After a few years' service with distinction in the financial sector at QVT Financial LP, he's brought his business savvy and linear algebra skills to Luminoso. Dennis primarily handles customer relations, product management, and strategic planning, but also provides insight into the mathematical computations and strategies of Luminoso product development.

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Luminoso Lands $6.5M In Series A
Jul 2, 2014
Luminoso Raises $1.5M in Funding
Feb 18, 2013