Kyruus is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions that enable hospitals and health systems to optimize the patient experience across all channels of patient access. Leveraging a proprietary Big Data approach, our technologies integrate and enrich information about provider expertise, demographics, and scheduling logic for real-time referrals and supply-demand matching throughout the health system. ProviderMatch ensures that patients are matched with the right providers, at the right time, in a manner that maximizes provider efficiency and care coordination. To find out why a Better Match Means Better Care, please visit

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Many of us have experienced the "Patient Access Paradox" – where patients are being told to wait weeks, if not months, before they can see a physician, despite physician practices and hospitals operating at only 50-60% capacity. Even worse, in upwards of 30% of cases, patients are misdirected to the wrong type of provider, leading to waste and delays in care. With 40M+ newly insured patients coming into the system in the coming years under the Affordable Care Act, this problem will only intensify if hospitals and healthcare systems don't address the core operational inefficiencies that prevent the optimal matching of patient demand and provider supply. 

Kyruus helps hospitals and healthcare delivery systems drive precise matching of patients to providers, efficiently identify the most optimal appointments, and improve overall Patient Access. Just as assembled massive amounts of dynamic data to drive the optimal use of airline seat capacity while respecting complex business rules, Kyruus integrates billions of dynamic data points to drive patient-provider matching. We unlock and organize information about physicians' clinical competency, availability, locations, insurance rules, cost, and quality from thousands of data sources in order to help patients achieve appropriate and high-quality care in a timely manner.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015
  Last week ReviveHealth, experts on health system strategy and marketing, invited Kyruus co-founder and chief product officer, Julie Yoo, to join them on their podc
Julie Yoo Talks ATLAS, Patient Access, and Consumerism for the Healthcare Marketing Underground podcast
Wednesday, October 21, 2015
  Last week ReviveHealth, experts on health system strategy and marketing, invited Kyruus co-founder and chief product officer, Julie Yoo, to join them on their podc
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Meet Our Management Team

Graham Gardner, MD
Chief Executive Officer

Graham is the Co-Founder and the CEO of Kyruus. Prior to Kyruus, Graham was a Venture Executive at Highland Capital Partners where he co-founded Generation Health and served as the company’s Chief Medical Officer through its acquisition by CVS Caremark. He is also the Co-Founder of SynapDx, a molecular diagnostic company focused on developing a blood test to enable the earlier detection of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Graham completed his clinical training in internal medicine and cardiology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School, where he also served as Chief Medical Resident. Graham completed his BA and MD degrees at Brown University, and received his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Julie Yoo, MS
Chief Product Officer

Julie is a Co-Founder of Kyruus and serves as the company’s Chief Product Officer. She was previously the VP of Clinical Product Strategy at Generation Health, where she oversaw the development of the company’s clinical programs and data analytics platform. Julie also led the Product Management efforts at Knome, the private arm of George Church’s Personal Genome Project, where she developed and launched a bioinformatics platform for conducting individualized genomic sequence analysis. Julie’s passion for data-driven businesses began as a software engineer at Endeca Technologies, where she ultimately helped to lead Endeca’s efforts in the health care industry as a Sales Engineer for Strategic Accounts. Julie has an undergraduate degree in computer science from MIT, an MS in biomedical sciences from the Harvard-MIT HST Program, and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Vinay Seth Mohta, MEng
Chief Technology Officer & Chief Information Security Officer

Vinay is a Co-Founder, the Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Information Security Officer at Kyruus. Vinay was previously at Kayak, where he led the development of a ‘Big Data’ predictive analytics platform for measuring the impact of the company’s multi-channel marketing efforts. Prior to Kayak, Vinay served as CTO for Global Health Delivery, a non-profit collaboration between Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard Medical School, and Partners In Health, which was designed to systematize the study of global health care delivery and rapidly diffuse technology-driven innovations to practitioners around the world. Vinay began his career as a Software Architect and Product Manager at Endeca Technologies, where he worked on complex software engineering problems in the context of the company’s core technology platform and analytics products. Vinay completed his BS and M.Eng. degrees in computer science at MIT.

Ed Furlong, MBA
Chief Financial Officer

Ed Furlong is Chief Financial Officer at Kyruus. He brings more than 25 years of financial and management expertise to Kyruus. He previously served as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Exa Corporation in Burlington, MA, where he managed the company’s successful IPO process and achieved consistent growth throughout his tenure. Prior to Exa, Mr. Furlong served as Senior Vice President at Fidelity Strategic Investments in Boston, where he spearheaded a wide range of investments, acted as Fidelity’s representative on several corporate boards, and helped lead a series of turnarounds. Mr. Furlong is a graduate of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Business School.

Sanjay Pathak, MPH, MBA
Senior Vice President of Consulting & Client Services

Sanjay Pathak is Senior Vice President of Consulting and Client Services at Kyruus. In this role, Mr. Pathak works closely with the company’s clients to achieve success in their patient access initiatives by aligning the Kyruus solution platform with their organizational and operational initiatives. Prior to joining Kyruus, Mr. Pathak served as Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations at Brigham and Women’s Hospital where his responsibilities included directing all Surgical Service lines, Peri-operative services, Anesthesiology, Radiology and Dermatology, as well as collaborating with BWH department chairs to develop and advance the strategic priorities of the organization. Mr. Pathak also served as co-chair of the Dana Farber/ Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center Operations Cabinet. Prior to joining BWH in 2007, Pathak served as corporate director of Business Planning and Market Development at Partners HealthCare, where he and his team analyzed and directed major strategic and capital projects for PHS. Mr. Pathak also spent more than 12 years in management consulting for Cap Gemini and Deloitte, where he directed performance improvement, clinical information systems and strategic projects for large academic and integrated delivery systems across the country. Mr. Pathak earned his MBA and MPH from Boston University.

Carty Castaldi
Vice President of Engineering

Carty Castaldi brings over 30 years of engineering and organizational expertise to Kyruus. Prior to joining Kyruus, he was Director of Software Engineering at the Novartis Institutes of BioMedical Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts where he collaborated with medicinal chemists, biologists, and geneticists to develop an integrated approach to new drug discovery. He previously built the team at Vertica (acquired by HP) as its VP Engineering, and has been widely recognized for his roles in both well-established enterprises like Digital Equipment Corporation, Lotus Development Corporation, and Cisco Systems, as well as venture capital-backed startups, such as Mazu Networks and Vertica.

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