Kyruus uses Big Data to help hospitals, health systems, and accountable care organizations get their patients to the right provider.



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Company Overview

Many of us have experienced the "Patient Access Paradox" – where patients are being told to wait weeks, if not months, before they can see a physician, despite physician practices and hospitals operating at only 50-60% capacity. Even worse, in upwards of 30% of cases, patients are misdirected to the wrong type of provider, leading to waste and delays in care. With 40M+ newly insured patients coming into the system in the coming years under the Affordable Care Act, this problem will only intensify if hospitals and healthcare systems don't address the core operational inefficiencies that prevent the optimal matching of patient demand and provider supply. 

Kyruus helps hospitals and healthcare delivery systems drive precise matching of patients to providers, efficiently identify the most optimal appointments, and improve overall Patient Access. Just as assembled massive amounts of dynamic data to drive the optimal use of airline seat capacity while respecting complex business rules, Kyruus integrates billions of dynamic data points to drive patient-provider matching. We unlock and organize information about physicians' clinical competency, availability, locations, insurance rules, cost, and quality from thousands of data sources in order to help patients achieve appropriate and high-quality care in a timely manner.





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