Startup Opportunity for Large Scale Engineer (Python preferred)

Monday October 29, 2012

Cambridge Computer
271 Waverley Oaks Road Suite 301
Waltham, MA 02452

This is an opportunity for an accomplished Python developer to be the fourth person in an elite team of experienced developers who are building enterprise software in a well-established organization but with the techniques and technologies of a fast-moving web start up. The best part is we already have clients and they are intimately involved in the development process with us -- a luxury not many development teams have!

We are actively exploring how large users manage data. Everything from crawling systems, presenting the data, manipulating it, and moving it. The first version of our product is in beta with some of the most well-known research institutions in the world. We have spoken about the product at some of the more interesting conferences in our space, including LISA and BioIT World. Now that we have proven the concept and have enthusiastic clients partnering with us on features and functionality, we are seeking another senior person to join our team as we work on the productized version of this software.

Cambridge Computer, a national company headquartered in Waltham, MA, is a well-regarded, innovative company in the data storage industry. We use creativity and technical expertise to find the best solutions to our clients' most difficult data storage and data protection problems. This position is in our new Engineering department, building a product. It is essentially a startup incubated within the main company.

  • fluent in various aspects of programming and technology
  • is a generalist with good understanding of using the entire computing stack
  • has been involved in building a product before
  • is not scared by the concept of "hundreds of millions" or "billions"
  • thinks a petabyte is a pretty regular size of data
  • knows users need to use a specific product, not just engineers

1) Programming Languages - Preferred expertise in Python, though any good experience in a modern language is helpful. Javascript is a must as there will be some UI coding (preference given to those with ExtJS or Jquery experience)

2) Databases - Knowledge of what makes databases scale. Some NoSQL experience is helpful.
3) Concepts - Strong understanding and ability to implement queuing systems (rabbit, celery, zeroMQ), distributed computing (Hadoop, OpenStack), Search (Lucene), Filesystems (OS level, cloud stores, permissions). General knowledge of these concepts is just as good as product-specific information or experience.

4) Experience - Key role(s) in developing at least one product in a meaningful way that actual users have used. You've been through the cycle of concept, building and supporting.
5) General - Strong problem-solving, communication, and interpersonal skills with initiative, resourcefulness, attention to detail, and ability to work both independently and within a group. You prefer not to be managed day-to-day.

Please mail your resume and a detailed cover letter addressing the qualifications we are looking for to: Attn: Alena/Sr. Python Engineer (Fizz), Cambridge Computer, 271 Waverley Oaks Road, Waltham, MA 02452.

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