Software Engineer - Full Stack

Friday August 08, 2014

20 Channel Center,
Boston, MA 02210

You love to code. Legos and Rubik’s cube were your favorite toys as a kid. You just have to figure things out. You are an adapter of new technologies and keep yourself current. You don’t chase fads and get caught up in the hype. Seeing your work “live” and in production makes you happy and proud. Your code is clean, you believe in best practices and testing. You are realistic and know perfect software never ships. 

You are a software engineer with solid fundamentals and great aptitude. You are not afraid of learning new languages, in fact you welcome it. After all with solid fundamentals you can do anything. You want to be learning constantly. Collaboration is where you thrive. Having your peers review and challenge your work is welcomed. It’s a learning opportunity. 

You operate at a fast pace. You are results driven. You can’t wait to see people use the software. You care about usability and how cool they think it is. 

It’s not what you are developing it’s the problems your solving. You like creative environments where people are kind and have character. We are not looking for ninja’s or rockstars. Just engineers who want to help build and awesome site and a great place to work. 

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