Principal Software Developer with “META Impact!”

Sunday September 22, 2013

ONE Marina Park Drive 14th Floor
Boston, MA 02210

Principal Software Developer at MassChallenge, Inc.

• Few other software or technical jobs can put you at the center of the startup ecosystem like this one
• Opportunity to have a massive, massive impact. Make a difference! Unlike most jobs that impact one startup, this role has the ability to impact the success of 100s, 1000s of startups – and an entire ecosystem! Meta Impact.
• Limitless opportunities to leverage tons of technology, to help scale MassChallenge and its impact – already the world’s largest startup accelerator program and related ecosystem – dramatically further
Define the technology roadmap, blueprint for MassChallenge – and make it happen!

OK, but what is it?

• MassChallenge is the world’s largest startup accelerator program and competition. Our nonprofit mission is to help entrepreneurs succeed.
• We’re a startup, but we’re also established, now heading into our 4th year, with a great reputation, tons of amazing supporters on board, and over 300 amazing alumni startups that have already collectively raised over $350 Million and created nearly 3,000 jobs!
• We have 125 startups co-located in our beautiful 27,000 sq. ft. office floor literally overlooking the Boston harbor, and we are a hub for the entrepreneurial ecosystem – connecting hundreds of rockstar mentors, successful entrepreneurs, investors – hosting hundreds of events every year, and running an intensive 4-month accelerator program every summer.
• We have a small full-time staff (about 10 people), augmented by interns and hundreds of volunteer expert mentors, judges and others – and the over 1,000 entrepreneurs in the 300+ MassChallenge startups to date. Technology supports them all.

The Role:
Effective and aggressive use of technology is central to our ability to operate at our scale, and to deliver even more value to the entrepreneurs and growing ecosystem we support.
• As our Principal Software Developer, you will help us do even more, deliver even more value, have an even bigger impact – on startups, on investors, on mentors, on the ecosystem
• Our systems are deployed both internally (to entrepreneurs, mentors, etc.) and externally, globally (applicants, judges, etc.)
• Much of what we have and will be developing is custom applications. Yet we also internally make use of many standard applications, and this role is also responsible for making sure we’re all using all those various applications/tools effectively ( is just one example of such an application we currently leverage)
• Opportunity to be a key member of the executive team, playing a key role in the future success of MassChallenge and the ecosystem!

About You
Hands-On. You are excited about doing a ton of the technical / coding work yourself (and then managing consultants – or eventually perhaps also a small staff) to get the job done.
• Ideally have 2 or more years experience managing: projects, people (external consultants, 1 or more other employees), a budget
• Enjoy taking out the trash. Well, not really – but we’re a startup, so everybody helps out with both big picture stuff and with the nitty-gritty details that make a startup run.
Computer Science degree.
Experienced with back end, front end, architecture, usability, database design, multi-tenant concepts, performance/scalability, balance between theoretical purity and pragmatism
Rockstar developer. Less critical what languages & tools are your favorites (you can help drive the standards at MassChallenge) – we believe that if you’re awesome, the languages / tools are of secondary importance. And you’ll be able to easily pick up whatever systems/languages/tools are appropriate for the job at hand (at the moment we’re doing some application development in Django/Python, but if you’re more a fan of Ruby on Rails or some other camp, you can influence
that direction).
• Enjoy working with a smart, hard-working, mission-driven team!
Compensation: even though we’re a non-profit, we can pay reasonably well for this critical position. However, for the right person, this opportunity is about so much more than cash compensation. It’s about having a real – an awesome – impact!