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Principal Android Developer
1 Winthrop Square
Boston, MA 02110

Why join Runkeeper as an Android Developer? We have fully embraced RXJava, using it for all async operations. We investigate and utilize new third party libraries, including but not limited to Butterknife/OkHTTP/Retrofit/Guava (not new but grrreat!) /Picasso/ Roboelectric/ Mockito, etc. etc. 

As a team member, you will implement key features and functionality in our Android app and across Runkeeper as a whole. You will provide real technical leadership to the engineering team at large in terms of our Android approach and implementation. 

RunKeeper transforms your phone into a personal trainer, helping you track your activities, set your goals, and stay motivated to go that extra mile. We are a small, successful Boston based mobile startup with over 50M users worldwide. We work closely with Google on cutting edge projects. We were out at launch with the release of Wear and Google Fit. Our team has sent engineers to Google I/O every year for the past 4 years and will continue to do so moving forward.


  • Develop new functionality in Android and other technologies
  • Lead major technical initiatives in the Android platform, including new operating systems, devices, and frameworks
  • Serve as an Android expert for the entire engineering organization
  • Mentor other team members to foster more company wide Android Knowledge
  • Collaborate with QA, Product Management, and Design to deliver complete solutions


  • 3+ years of Android experience
  • 10+ years of software development experience
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • BS/MS in Computer Science or equivalent degree
Category: Software Engineering/QA

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