Intersection: Programmatic Ad Operations Coordinator
10 Hudson Yards
New York, NY 10001


Employee Testimonials

Who are we?

Place Exchange is the only real programmatic platform for out of home media (OOH), connecting programmatic brands and agencies to OOH publishers via direct DSP integrations. The average American spends 70% of their time outside of the home, and thanks to the rapid proliferation of digital displays in cities and venues around the world, Digital OOH is the most hotly anticipated new entrant to the programmatic and omnichannel ecosystem. Place Exchange launched in 2019 in the US, and is rapidly expanding to other regions including the UK and Canada.

What is the role?

Place Exchange is looking for an Ad Operations Coordinator to be based in New York. The primary responsibility for this role is to provide support and manage programmatic campaigns across all of Place Exchanges digital assets.

As a member of the Digital Ad Operations team, you will be responsible for campaign implementation, with daily use of multiple ad serving systems, managing and tracking campaign delivery, QA, reporting and campaign optimization.

The ideal candidate wants to be a part of an innovative, professional and dynamic advertising operations team. He/she will be responsible for all aspects of ad campaign fulfillment: creative approval, testing and implementation. This person will monitor, and optimize programmatic advertising campaigns to maximize performance and meet campaign/revenue goals.

Within your first 90 days, you will:

  • Develop an understanding of key cross-functional contacts/handoffs
  • Develop an understanding of Place Exchanges mechanics as an SSP
  • Become familiar with the all integrated DSP consoles
  • Become familiar with all Publisher specs
  • Immerse yourself and begin to drive the campaign execution process
  • Become familiar with all relevant internal tooling (Looker reporting, Tableau, PX Publisher Portal, Creative Admin, etc)
  • Support of programmatic workflow; including but not limited to: creative approval, communication of ad specs, and reporting.
  • Support sales and account management teams with campaign implementation/media plans.
  • Partner with client service teams to monitor and optimize programmatic campaigns for all of Place Exchange's supply partners.
  • Develop an understanding of Tag/Pixel implementation/management.

Within your first year, you will:

  • Master campaign execution and troubleshooting for both buyers and suppliers
  • Master cross-functional communication, both internally and externally
  • Cultivate and maintain internal relationships with Engineering, Sales and Product teams, collaborating towards a common goal.
  • Contribute to the development of cross-functional tooling
  • Streamline the campaign execution process in order to scale our business
  • Be able to effectively pull and communicate campaign results to clients
  • Effectively communicate technical/campaign issues internally and externally
  • Supply support and ensure the effective exchange and implementation of information/assets among all relevant parties to achieve accurate and well managed campaigns

You are great for this role, because:

  • You have great attention to detail and excellent organization skills
  • You have experience with project management, account management, or relationship management.
  • Desired experience: You have experience in programmatic advertising
    • You have experience using various Ad Servers/SSPs/DSPs/CMS systems a plus.
    • You have knowledge of digital advertising processes
    • You are familiar with Digital Signage, digital place-based, digital out-of-home experience


Employee Testimonials

Tyler Green
Senior Software Engineer

Intersection is an amazing place to work! Building software used by riders of many of the country's largest transit systems is extremely rewarding. And there's nothing like debugging your own code running on a train platform on your commute home! Our Smart Cities Engineering team is filled with passionate people working to bring revolutionary products to the streets and people of our cities, all while supporting each other and our growth as engineers.

Leah Jacobs
National Account Executive

Working at Intersection has given me the ability to grow both personally and professionally as my career has developed. There are always new ideas, challenges and opportunities to go after so each day is truly a new adventure. While I love what I do - I must admit that the people & culture here at Intersection are what keep me grounded and loyal. The passion and support from each team are the reasons why we continue to excel and become market leaders in our industry.

Kavita Chaudhry
Senior Software Engineer

From the people I work with to the tech and code I develop, I love being an Engineer at Intersection. I love the team I work with - every single one of us brings something unique to the table. I love the diversity of projects I work on - I am not confined to just one language or one side of the tech stack. On Monday, I could be working in Python or Go or Scala, but on Friday I might be working in Javascript. I also love the amount of input we, Engineers, have on the projects we work on -  we can pitch an idea and there's a solid chance that we can make that project or idea a reality. All of these things - combined with our do good mission - make Intersection an amazing and exciting place to work!

Andrew Albright
Partner Manager, Link

I love my job at Intersection! Every day I step into the office, I get to spend my day working with talented and passionate people from a diverse set of disciplines. Our work providing free wireless internet to millions of people across the world speaks volumes about Intersection's values as a company. Not only am I engaged in my work and given responsibility in my role, but I am happy knowing that I work with a team that is providing a crucial service in helping to close the digital divide in New York, London, and beyond.