Hands On Tech Manager

Friday August 08, 2014

20 Channel Center,
Boston, MA 02210

Are you looking to take your career to the next level? Have you built a career on building good clean code and now want to mentor? We need a leader who will drive best practices and tackle our next project just like Vince Wilfork does. We would gladly give this opportunity to someone who is not getting it in their current company and is ready to dive in. A hands on technical manager who is in the trenches and enjoys helping engineers become better. Our company has a flowing revenue stream and a proven business model. You will work on building modern business systems and challenging tech problems such as scaling, complex system integration, continuous delivery, and real time analytics. This is the work that defines careers and gives you something to talk about around the holiday dinner table.

Our team is composed of talented leaders and technologists that have an entrepreneurial spirit with proven track records of success and major wins. We are looking to scale our business. The tech team is growing and we care about building a meaningful culture. We are committed to constantly learning and being innovative. The company supports the local tech community by hosting meetups and contributing to open source projects. We have fun, solve tough problems, and build great things. Here’s a preview: we support major scale, we are talking amazon caliber. Our site will serve over 6 million page views per hour during our peak hours this coming holiday season. We currently have over 7 million members and growing. Just imagine how this is done seamlessly, elegantly, and without crashing. 

Our hiring philosophy: 
-Software engineers with 8+ years of experience developing commercial web applications and demonstrated experience leading and developing fellow team members. We prefer candidates with a few years’ experience in people leadership. If you have the ability and aspirations but not the title we want to talk to you as well. 
-Strong computer science fundamentals, great problem solving skills, and passion for writing high quality code. We look for candidates with experience across a breadth of technologies: JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C#, or Java. It’s all about creativity, the desire to learn and the right tool for the job. 
-Our development leaders inspire and make those around them better. They create high performing teams, instill our strong culture and values, and ensure their team members build their careers along the way. It is important that our team is contributing to the open source community and encourage it. 

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