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Customer Success Manager - National Accounts
2 Canal Park, 4th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02141

The aim and role of a Field Account Specialist - National Accounts is to combine (1) the on-boarding and training associated with bringing a new account to succeed with (2) ensure that both new and existing accounts are getting great value from our service, see us as a valuable partner, and understand if/where our tools may help make them more successful. Additionally, a sales-forward attitude, and a high level of professionalism, assertiveness, and persuasion are required to communicate with and engage the Field designated segment of CarGurus’ client base.

Responsibilities include: 

  • Assume responsibility for designated CarGurus National Account client accounts including:
  • Coordinate with the entire National Accounts team to prioritize communication strategies.
  • Become a ‘thought leader’ on how CarGurus best partners with and services our National account customers.
  • Prepare and analyze monthly performance reports for all National Accounts (identify successes, or potential issues within each group)
  • Become a subject matter expert on all CarGurus products
  • Proactively consult with central corporate advisors and dealerships (where applicable) solving issues and addressing questions 
  • Escalate issues to other departments when necessary
  • Educate dealers on how to maximize the value of the CarGurus platform by leveraging tools, reports, and best practices
  • Strong analytical skills to solve complex, interdepartmental/inter-operational issues
  • While not necessarily the primary owner of the actions, this person will act as a facilitator for follow-up on technical, billing, and content issues with corporate customer contacts.
  • Advanced collaboration with internal departments (sales, billing, content, and engineering) to convey key issues to the rest of the CarGurus organization.
  • Establish strong relationships with National Account Team and serve as in-office advocates when needed for team cross-departmentally.
  • Establish strong relationships with large decision makers within client base to foster client satisfaction and trust
  • Finding opportunities to further sell client-base and work with National Account Team to cross-sell when possible/applicable.

In summary Field Account Specialist - National Accounts will perform the key tasks on a daily basis to maximize the overall level of client satisfaction.  From initial onboarding through steady-state proactive and strategic support, National CSS will serve as the ‘face’ of CarGurus to customers on the post-sale partnership.

To ensure the best customer experience combined with ongoing business requirements, the National Account Sales Director will act as a lead and partner with the National Account Customer Success Specialist to create a seamless spectrum of CarGurus engagement for any customer.  The National Success Specialist will support any business-related challenges or opportunities that arise.  National Account reps will support the National CSS by making the necessary introductions and providing the necessary account and relationship background to ensure success. 

Category: Sales & Business Development

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