Customer Engagement Specialist

Tuesday March 27, 2012

Come join our team to help us bridge the gap between software engineering, data analysis, and non-technical folks like sales reps and customers!

About Us

InsightSquared is a well-funded startup in the Cambridge/Boston area.

  • Our management team has previous experience building successful software products at companies like Salesforce, Akamai, HubSpot, Elance, BzzAgent, and
  • We're going after a $2.5B market opportunity for data intelligence for small & medium businesses.
  • We have a healthy population of channel partners and paying customers for our SAAS subscription-based product.

Read more about us on our blog.

Job Responsibilities

  • Adapt and explain reports for each customer so that InsightSquared will make a difference in their business, by learning more about their data than they know themselves, digging past their initial requests to understand their underlying needs, and putting all of that together to use InsightSquared’s reporting software creatively
  • Troubleshoot data that’s appearing in an unexpected way and devise a solution that uses the most effective combination of configuration changes, work-arounds, and help from software engineers
  • Uncover the aspects of InsightSquared that should be improved, using your perspective as one of the few folks that touch both the technical and non-technical aspects of the customer experience
  • Switch smoothly between all the languages of a software company, and know the right times to use each:
    • The sales team and customers speak in requests, needs, and priorities
    • Software engineers speak in product specs, software components, and Agile project management
    • The software and database speak in SQL, XML, and programming code

If you were here this week, you would have …

  • Configured reports from scratch for six businesses who will sign on as new customers if they’re impressed with InsightSquared’s capabilities, and talked to the sales team to prepare them to present those reports
  • Talked and written to about 20 existing customers to interpret their questions and determine how to respond to their needs, based on the details of their data a report configuration, and implemented changes to their reports
  • Cross-referenced Excel sheets from a customer, InsightSquared’s database, Python code, XML files, and a conversation with a software engineer to get to the bottom of some unusual data, and then quarterbacked next steps between the sales and engineering teams

About You

  • Personable, clear, and concise communication style via email, on the phone, and in person
  • Proficient in SQL (MySQL) and Excel
  • Comfortable reading XML and Python, and using UNIX
  • You have an instinct for organization, even (and especially) when you have many things going on at once
  • You’re high wattage and hungry to learn more
  • You have a great positive attitude and enjoy working with a team of like-minded folks
  • Based here in Boston (this is not a remote job)
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