Community Manager

Monday January 28, 2013

40 Berkeley Street
Boston, MA 02116

Stealth mode startup is seeking a community-building wizard to serve as the lead brand advocate for our rapidly-developing business in the incubator and education space. You'll be instrumental in accomplishing our mission: to dramatically improve the success rate of people entering the startup community by facilitating the relationships, supportive networks, and access needed to succeed – and have fun doing it!

We’ve got our eye on an immense market and are building a dream-team to own it. We’re funded by some of the biggest names in Boston’s angel investor community. This is the role of a lifetime for someone who wants to make a splash in the startup scene and rub elbows with tons of people at every level of Boston’s innovation economy.

Must-Have Traits:

  • High-energy, self-motivated, walk-through-walls to GSD!
  • Natural connector and influencer – you’re a great networker, and have the social media presence and personal relationships to prove it.
  • Great writer and a content-creation machine.
  • Creative dynamo with a bias towards action – you have great ideas and can turn them into reality.

Here’s What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Build and evangelize a network of champions and supporters around Boston and beyond.
  • Develop programs to promote the concept locally. Attend lots of networking events.
  • Engage with local businesses and institutions (universities, restaurants, taxi companies, service providers etc.) to gain their support and sponsorship.
  • Create tons of relevant, remarkable, and SEO-optimized content to promote our brand.
  • Connect with local media to tell our story.

To Apply:

Email your resume and cover letter. Tell us why you love startups and how you’ve built a phenomenal network in the Boston entrepreneurial scene.