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Cloud Engineer
275 Wyman Street
Waltham, MA 02451

As a Cloud Engineer at Cimpress, you will be responsible for building, operating, and maintaining a variety of systems used by development teams in a microservices environment. This will include source control management systems such as Git, continuous integration platforms such as Jenkins, binary repository management solutions such as Artifactory, logging systems such as Elasticsearch, monitoring/metrics systems such as Sensu and Graphite, and more.

We’re seeking a generalist that is comfortable in the construction & operation of these systems.

In one case, you may troubleshoot problems pushing code to Bitbucket Server from a Ruby script.

In another, you might investigate an issue with Consul nodes disconnecting from the cluster.

In yet another, you might write Terraform configuration to create and control an ECS Docker cluster in AWS.

With a breadth of knowledge spanning all aspects of TechOps, you will be actively involved with the entire lifecycle of microservice and infrastructure architecture, development, and operation - including application development, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance. You will work hand-in-hand with development teams, identify and mitigate problems, and build robust systems with high degrees of reliability, flexibility, scalability, and uptime.

We’re seeking the right kind of operations expert… ... the kind who offers empathetic and comprehensive support and education to development teams.

… the kind who identifies repeatable tasks and automates them.

… the kind who spots scalability concerns in infrastructure and code design and addresses them.

The position is in Cimpress’ Mass Customization Platform organization, and all of the Cimpress brands at large depend on the availability of the solutions we implement. As such, you’ll be part of an on-call rotation for escalation of problems with our most critical systems.

Daily Responsibilities

  • Support and educate development teams in the use of cloud technologies, continuous delivery products and services, and monitoring tools.
  • Identify and implement third-party, open source, or *aaS solutions to development and operational challenges.
  • Design, build, and operate in-house solutions where no existing solution exists (open-sourcing where appropriate).
  • Share knowledge with Wiki articles, READMEs, and in person stand-ups and lightning talks.
  • Promote uptime by working assigned tickets and responding to on-call escalations

Required Abilities

All candidates must have relevant work history of 3+ years in the industry, and be able to demonstrate their knowledge, reliability, and creativity with modern IT infrastructure and cloud technologies. Candidates must embody a strong capability and desire to help others with technology, and must possess strong motivation to build, improve, and maintain the robust IT services needed by a large enterprise.

Required Knowledge/Experience

  •   Administration of corporate servers (Ubuntu/Debian, Windows Server 2008+)
  •   Usage of source control management systems (Git, Subversion)
  •   Authoring in modern scripting languages (Ruby, Bash, Python)
  •   Creation and operation of web applications (Javascript, Java, C#)
  •   Comprehension of underlying IT concepts (DNS, HTTP, SSL, SSH)
  •   Cloud design concepts and automation tools (Terraform, Boto, CloudFormation)
  •   Configuration management tools (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Salt)

Desired Skills/Knowledge/Experience

  •   Containerization and container orchestration tools (Docker, Kubernetes, ECS)
  •   Infrastructure management tools (Packer, Vagrant, Consul, Terraform)
  •   Logging and monitoring tools (Logstash, Graphite, StatsD, Kibana, Grafana)
  •   Continuous integration systems (Jenkins, TravisCI, TeamCity, Team Foundation Server)
  •   Software web proxies/load balancers (nginx, varnish, haproxy, squid)
  •   Virtualization platforms (VMWare ESX, Virtualbox, OpenStack, KVM)
  •   Database technologies (MS-SQL, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Redis)
Category: Software Engineering/QA

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