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Business Development Fellow
28 Damrell St, Ste B-04
Boston, MA 02127
Business Development Fellow
While continuing to rapidly expand in the B2B market, we are also exploring a B2C launch via a custom beverage machine for the home. We are looking for an entrepreneur to join us temporarily to flesh out the product concept and develop the business plan in detail.
Key responsibilities will include the following:
  • Market research – market size, trends, competitive landscape, potential channel partners, etc.
  • User research – detailed interviews with potential customers for this new beverage machine, as well as with existing Bevi customers, to understand customer requirements, preferences, willingness to pay, etc.
  • Business plan development – making detailed recommendations on all aspects of the business model including the product features, pricing model, cost structure, intellectual property strategy, manufacturing plan, marketing plan, etc.
The ideal candidate will possess the following attributes, experiences and capabilities:
  • Entrepreneurship experience, in particular designing a product or product concept for an early-stage company
  • The ability to create and implement a structured week-to-week plan, with clear milestones, out of an initially vague set of goals
  • Strong work ethic and the ability to stay self-motivated
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Good interviewing and listening ability, especially around understanding a person’s usage habits, pain points, and decision-making criteria for a particular type of product
  • An MBA would be a plus
The role is based in Boston, and will be 3 months initially, with potential to turn into a full-time business development or product management position. The Fellow will work closely with Bevi’s co-founders.
    General characteristics:
    • Adhere to company policies and practices. If they don’t work, suggest an alternative.
    • Take your job seriously, not yourself.
    Please send your resume to and explain why you're interested in the role.
    Category: Sales & Business Development

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