NetBrain Technologies: Senior Security Engineer - App Sec


The Senior Security Engineer is a significant technical contributor to the effort of maintaining and enhancing the software security program. The security program encompasses vulnerability identification and tracking, assessment and scoring (via CVSS), vulnerability remediation management, software design review, code review and threat modeling. The role requires comprehensive knowledge of security attack vectors from the operating system through the application layer and persistent layer and related defensive controls for preventing, detecting, and mitigating attacks in both on-premise and public cloud scenarios. The Senior Security Engineer will work with the Security Architect to establish security policies, procedures, and best practices. In addition, this role will work very closely with various teams and stakeholders to execute the security policies, procedures and best practices.


Perform risk assessments, vulnerability management, penetration testing and patch management for Linux, Mac, MS Windows and web applications.

Develop technical solutions and new security tools to help to mitigate security vulnerabilities and automate repeatable tasks.

Work closely with engineering teams to proactively identify and fix security flaws and vulnerabilities.

Utilize available technologies to meet needs, and then define technical specifications and designs.

Stay abreast of security development practices, including the research of current and evolving trends.

Provide support and troubleshooting for prior developed technology solutions.


Bachelors in Computer Science or related field
Experience with core security concepts, including:
User and code authentication and authorization systems
Core cryptography concepts
Secure coding practices
Application security concepts
Familiarity with network and web security protocols such as TLS, IPSec etc.
Operating systems security concepts
Security-focused design and architecture skills
Experience advocating for technical security solutions across functional domains
5+ years of industry experience architecting and implementing security features and solutions

5+ years of native code development ( C/C++)
Experience with security engineering solutions


Preferred Qualification
5+ years of industry security experience
Masters in Computer science or related field
5+ years of industry grade code development experience
Experience authoring and managing key management systems
JavaScript and C# experience


Employee Testimonials

Michael Moore
Account Executive

Working at NetBrain is great. The technology is always growing, and the product really solves a pain point for many customers. NetBrain is a tightly knot organization, and everyone is willing to help with any issue you may face.

Francis Fede
Customer Support Representative

I decided to work for NetBrain because of the vision the company has for the future of its product and its employees. The CEO's vision for his employees' growth is awesome. His encouragement for us to strive to move into higher positions is inspiring.