ezCater: Director of Customer Acquisition

ezCater is the worlds largest online marketplace for catering a $60+ billion market in the U.S. We make it superbly easy for businesspeople to find and order great food for business meetings and company events, and we help our catering partners grow their business. Were backed by $320 million in venture funding and in early 2019 were valued at $1.25 billion. Our mission is to power the worlds catering, and well make it happen even more surely if you come help us.

If youve led sophisticated, ROI-measured digital acquisition programs that drove dramatic growth 2X YoY and up at scale, this job is for you. We are looking for the next leader to take our multi-channel portfolio to the next level.

What youll do:

  • Lead our digital marketing programs to acquire new and repeat customers through SEM, SEO, Social Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Marketing, audio, video and more.
  • Build and grow the team of marketers that drives these programs.
  • Optimize new customer journeys to focus on high value users who exceed LTV bookings (while discovering new traffic volumes and improving campaign efficiencies).
  • Understand algorithmic bidding techniques and leverage ROI analysis (LTV/CAC and payback period) at a granular level: by platform, by geo, by campaign, and down to keyword or targeting criterion.
  • Help invent and test all levers, from KW and persona targeting, to ad copy for maximum CTR of high-ROI traffic, to landing-page messaging and design, and more.
  • Have deep understanding of multi-channel attribution (cross device) and ability to maximize a media portfolio across segments and channels successfully.
  • Partner with our product managers and developers to evolve custom automation for managing our media campaigns leveraging up to date technologies.
  • Partner with our data scientists to set up the predictive models that optimize our campaigns at a granular level (such as keyword- and geo- level real-time bidding).
  • Partner with our UX designers to create store experiences that optimize conversions for distinct personas.


  • Have 10+ years' experience in digital acquisition.
  • Have significant accomplishments in SEM, SEO, Display, and Social advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • Have significant accomplishments in cross-device customer acquisition (youve used mobile marketing to drive downstream acquisition on all devices).
  • Have proven experience building and leading growth marketing teams.
  • Be ready and able to go deep with any of your team members, while keeping strategic and business goals foremost.
  • Be creative enough to appreciate ad copy, analytical enough to grasp data science, and technical enough to understand how integration and attribution should work.
  • Be deeply data-driven. Anticipate the next question while youre answering the current one.
  • Be passionate about insane growth, while operating within our culture of empathy and sane working hours.

What you'll get from us

Importantly, youll get a tremendous amount of authority and autonomy. Youll own your outcomes and see measurable results for your efforts. With ezCaters radical transparency and trust, youll have open access to the data that drives our decisions. You'll have a coaching environment to learn and develop, and ezUniversity sessions will provide plenty of opportunities to expand your mind.

At the same time, youll get sane working hours and a huge amount of flexibility around work/life balance. Have people in your life of any age who always, often, or sometimes need your help? We make room for that. Have a bad thing or a good thing happen to you? We make room for that, too.

Oh, and heres what else youll get: Market salary, stock options youll help make worth a lot, the usual holidays, all-you-can-eat vacation, 401K, health/dental/FSA, long-term disability insurance, subsidized T-passes, a great office in the heart of Boston, wicked awesome co-workers, cupcakes (and many more goodies), and knowing that you helped get this rocket ship to the moon.

ezCater is an equal opportunity employer. We embrace humans of every background, appearance, race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, and disability status. At the same time, we do not employ jerks, even brilliant ones.


Employee Testimonials


I love how horizontal ezCater is. Everyone’s ideas are listened to, valued, and considered. That goes for anyone who has been here, whether it’s just one day or multiple years.


Here’s ezCater in a nutshell: whip-smart colleagues, zero politicking, and a refreshing optimism that’s paved the way for explosive growth. People are generous. People have fun. 


Imagine a culture where you’re not held back by process or structure. An environment where change is encouraged, where everyone has an equal voice, and where you’re allowed to flex your talents

Partner Content

ezCater's work-life balance leaves nothing to be desired. When we're at work, we get to work hard in an amazing, collaborative, laid-back environment. When we want or need to take time off, we can with no qualms. I'm never stressed about scheduling appointments or dealing with unforeseen circumstances.