ezCater: Copywriter

ezCater is the worlds largest online marketplace for catering a $60+ billion market in the U.S. We make it superbly easy for businesspeople to find and order great food for meetings and events, and we help our catering partners grow their business. Were backed by $320 million in venture funding and in early 2019 were valued at $1.25 billion. Our mission is to power the worlds catering, and well make it happen even more surely if you come help us.

We're looking for a Copywriter to join our marketing team and help build out and tune our world-class brand. We want to talk to you if you believe in the power of words. We want to talk to you if you if you can argue over the Oxford comma, find the right replacement for boring or snooty words, and slash five sentences into three. Grammar errors bug you (but you dont interrupt people to correct them). When others find mistakes in your own writing, youre mortified. Corporatese makes you queasy, but put on the spot, you could write it because youre just that versatile (we will never ask this of you). Youre in touch with tech trends, e-commerce, and pop culture. Youre inventive and know how to just figure things out. When its all hands on deck, you can think on your feet. You want to know the score and youre motivated to win.

In this role, you will ensure the creative team promotes our brand through delivering high-quality work at a start-up pace. Youll need to write in a consistent, compelling brand voice. Youll become an ambassador of our brand voice, and elevate the quality of writing throughout the company. In other words, youll help others find the right words.

You will:

  • Be best friends with our brand personas. Know their wants and needs, their fears and frustrations, how to reach them, and what they need to hear
  • Write copy that inspires action ads that grab attention, landing pages that convert, social posts that get likes and shares, emails that people open and read
  • Experiment with messaging and prove which words work. Be fearless of failure. Celebrate the wins, learn from the flops, and never stop improving
  • Wrangle our nebulous writing style into a consistent, compelling brand voice.
  • Create a style guide, become the ambassador of our brand voice, and elevate the quality of writing throughout the company
  • Make, understand, and grow from your mistakes
  • Learn invaluable skills from a first-rate team of creative professionals

You have:

  • 3-5+ years of experience in writing copy and conceptual work for B2C and B2B companies
  • Superb organizational skills -- you can think two steps ahead
  • Knowledge of how to work with data to guide a strategy
  • An affection for just figuring things out and inventing whatever idea or approach could accomplish our objectives AND an ability to play well with others
  • A get it done mentality: maniacal attention to detail coupled with a commitment to deliver high-quality work on deadline

If youve made it this far, you could be exactly who were looking for. Please include a link to writing samples and a cover letter telling us why you are a great fit for ezCater and why ezCater is a great fit for you!

What youll get from us:

Importantly, youll get a tremendous amount of authority and autonomy. Youll own your outcomes and see measurable results for your efforts. With ezCaters radical transparency and trust, youll have open access to the data that drives our decisions. You'll have a coaching environment to learn and develop, and ezUniversity sessions will provide plenty of opportunities to expand your mind.

At the same time, youll get sane working hours and a huge amount of flexibility around work/life balance. Have people in your life of any age who always, often, or sometimes need your help? We make room for that. Have a bad thing or a good thing happen to you? We make room for that, too.

Oh, and heres what else youll get: Market salary, stock options youll help make worth a lot, the usual holidays, all-you-can-eat vacation, 401K, health/dental/FSA, long-term disability insurance, subsidized T-passes, a great office in the heart of Boston, a tremendous amount of responsibility and autonomy, wicked awesome co-workers, cupcakes (and many more goodies), and knowing that you helped get this rocket ship to the moon.

ezCater is an equal opportunity employer. We embrace humans of every background, appearance, race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, and disability status. At the same time, we do not employ jerks, even brilliant ones.


Employee Testimonials


I love how horizontal ezCater is. Everyone’s ideas are listened to, valued, and considered. That goes for anyone who has been here, whether it’s just one day or multiple years.


Here’s ezCater in a nutshell: whip-smart colleagues, zero politicking, and a refreshing optimism that’s paved the way for explosive growth. People are generous. People have fun. 


Imagine a culture where you’re not held back by process or structure. An environment where change is encouraged, where everyone has an equal voice, and where you’re allowed to flex your talents

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ezCater's work-life balance leaves nothing to be desired. When we're at work, we get to work hard in an amazing, collaborative, laid-back environment. When we want or need to take time off, we can with no qualms. I'm never stressed about scheduling appointments or dealing with unforeseen circumstances.