Accounting Manager

Wednesday October 31, 2012

Redstar Ventures
One Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02139

So, come to find out that starting, developing and growing multiple operating companies at once has it challenges.  Yeah … surprised us too!  We have debits searching for their credits and assets (both liquid and contra) that need caring competent hands and mind.  Hence, we are looking for an Accounting Manager to join our growing and always important operations team.

The requirements of the position are waiting for the right person to define, but in short, we need to stabilize and build the framework for all of our internal accounting functions.  You gotta know something (ok, a lot) about core accounting functions (COA, GL, AP, AR), tax (sales + income), Quickbooks, financial reporting, cash management, GAAP and other wonders of the accounting world.  Having a degree in accounting seems obvious as does a handful of years of relevant experience.  A CPA won’t hurt, either.  

If you have excelled in your previous (and current) positions, been called a team player, enjoy working in cool office space with super smart people, know the difference between preferred and common stock, Fred Wilson and Dave McClure, and Van Halen and Van Hagar … we want to speak with you.

Oh yeah, about us … Redstar Ventures is a company, based in Cambridge, MA, that creates companies, taking them from the earliest stages of ideation and growing them through their first institutional funding rounds and beyond.

To apply, send us your resume and quick note.