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Account Management Lead
401 Park Drive Suite 801
Boston, MA 02215

The Account Management team’s mission is to make distinctive, lasting, and substantial relationships with Restaurants focusing on unlocking Toast's value, advocating for them within Toast, and ensuring mutual success. They are the customer’s (in this case, a restaurant location or group) long-term key advocate within Toast, creating a positive customer experience that ultimately results in the renewal of the subscription. We ensure any major issues get resolved, gather feedback on Toast as a product and a team and closing that feedback loop with the toast team, bringing that customer to a state where they are an advocate for toast, and up-sell the customer on additional hardware, modules, and contracts guaranteeing service with Toast.

As Account Management Lead, you’ll be responsible for developing and maintaining a high-performance team. You’ll spearhead efforts in training, coaching and nurturing individual team members. You’ll establish goals and allocate work to your team members as well as monitor and measure performance and addresses gaps. As part of the team’s leadership, you’ll observe opportunities for improvement in process and interdepartmental communication and work to execute solutions. You will guide and advance your team members through their career, providing them feedback, recognition, performance reviews. You will convey information continually up, down, and around the Toast organization and help to clear obstacles to resolution for the accounts under their team’s purview.



  • Lead a team of 4-8 Account Managers, organized by region.
  • Participate in leadership of the AM team, helping to form decisions on processes, management, documentation.
  • Participate in training new account managers, through instructional sessions, shadowing, and early guidance.
  • Meet formally with AMs on your team at least twice per month. Once to review metrics and performance and catch up on accounts, and again to catch up on accounts and discuss topics of AM and lead's choice.
  • Guide month to month performance of AMs. Set goals for each of our KPIs and review their performance against those goals from the past month.
  • Guide overall career progress, understanding and progressing goals for role changes and skill development
  • Assign incoming escalations to an appropriate account manager no matter their source or destination AM. Assignments should be made by leads or the Manager as quickly as possibly.
  • Assign accounts proactively to AMs based on region and bandwidth with the goal of keeping post go-live tier III customers both assigned and "up to date".
  • Guide AM decisions from members of their team on discounts and credits.
  • Advise strategies for general satisfaction and sales on specific accounts owned by their team, exhibiting great judgment, good discerning questions, and the Toast core value of "doing right by the customer."
  • Create and strengthen relationships between each AM and other role players in their market or across Toast. Be the liaison for your AMs to other issue owners when more aggressive path to resolution is needed. 
  • Look for opportunities to improve process and communication. More frequently act on these opportunities vs. passing them on as ideas.
  • In rare cases, join weekly or other calls involving single accounts to help monitor resolution of their issues.
  • In crisis situations, take escalations of accounts from an AM. This may mean having a one-off conversation with a customer who has asked to speak to an AM's supervisor or taking complete ownership of an account for a period of time.
  • Participate in additional projects that help improve the team, communication, or Toast in general. These may involve analyzing the customer, organizing widespread response, or proactive campaigns and activities.
  • Generally exhibit and promote the culture of Toast within the entire AM team as well as help to organize events and social interactions which will improve that culture.

Category: Client Services

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