By: Zach Winn | July 20, 2017
PreVeil hopes to push individuals and companies into a new, distributed and secure age of cybersecurity, with an email service in beta and a file sharing service on the way. Zach Winn spoke with PreVeil's founding team, Sanjeev Verma and Randy Battat, about the company's history and software.
By: Christina Luconi | July 20, 2017
Technology is a beautiful thing, but there's no replacing human contact. Here are some of the benefits of why you should get out from behind your desk and talk to people live.
By: Brianne Shelley | July 19, 2017
Geeta Sachdev is the CMO of Turbonomic. In her Lead(H)er profile, Sachdev shares the details of her long-running tech career, which includes working within the Austin, Texas tech scene before joining the Boston tech scene.

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Wellist provides hospitals and healthcare clients with the insights, analytics and tools they need to address the whole patient and their unmet non-clinical and social needs. By connecting patients and caregivers to the support they need outside the hospital, Wellist helps improve patient satisfaction, compliance, and outcomes.

By: Keith Cline | July 19, 2017
VentureFizz connected with Gravyty’s CTO, Rich Palmer, about Gravyty’s mission and what kind of organizations use their services. We even learned about the culture of this relatively new startup.
By: Sarah Salbu | July 19, 2017
Sarah Salbu connected with Komand founder and CEO, Jen Andre to learn about the company's platform and how it helps cybersecurity companies monitor their work. Andre also shares her experience in cybersecurity and her path as an entrepreneur. 
By: Colin W. Barry | July 18, 2017
TechCrunch Sessions - Robotics took place at MIT's Kresage Auditorium. There were panels and dicusssions about robotics and even some incredible demos. Here is our recap of the day-long event!

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We engage, empower, and improve life for residents in the City through technology.

Our team makes sure the networks, computers, and systems that support the City are secure and effective. We also manage the City’s websites and technologies focused on service delivery. Our department is led by Jascha Franklin-Hodge.

By: Jake Freedman | July 18, 2017
"Immersive Media" is a term many of those working in the tech industry may be familiar with, but what about the words that go under this descriptive term? Jake Freedman writes about the various words that go underneath the term immersive media, which also includes AR and VR. 
By: Colin W. Barry | July 17, 2017
Kevin O'Brien is the co-founder and CEO of the cybersecurity startup GreatHorn, whose solution helps companies secure email, chat, and collaboration platforms. VentureFizz connected with O'Brien to caht about his longstanding career in Boston's cybersecurity sector.
By: Sarah Salbu | July 17, 2017
On June 12, TUGG hosted a lively event at the ICA Boston to celebrate social good entrepreneurs. Sarah Salbu was in attendance to recap the event for VentureFizz.