By: Zach Winn | February 23, 2017
Readocity is a child-specific book recommendation startup that connects parents of young readers to literacy strategists / book lovers who know and understand books and kids. 
By: Christina Luconi | February 23, 2017
Here’s three things to consider if you choose to introduce a little more of the “real you” to your worklife.
By: Keith Cline | February 22, 2017
Seismic is one of many companies in the Boston startup scene that is seeing massive growth. We interviewed Ed Calnan, its co-founder and President to learn more.
iboss Cybersecurity
iboss Cybersecurity
iboss Cybersecurity
iboss Cybersecurity

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Utilidata®, Inc. is a global software company that works with electric utilities to enhance energy efficiency and grid security. The company’s patented technology captures real-time data from the grid giving utilities information needed to save energy, mitigate issues caused by distributed energy resources, and better detect grid anomalies. With major clients including American Electric Power, National Grid, and Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Utilidata is backed by leading venture capital firms and is expanding across North America and the Middle East. The company has a world-class production, research and development facility at its headquarters in Providence, RI. 


By: Natalie Nathanson | February 22, 2017
Recently, we sat down with a few CEOs and picked their brains on what dynamics they’re facing in their respective markets and how it’s shaping their firm’s growth strategy.
By: Necco Ceresani | February 21, 2017
Jason Furtado is the CEO and founder of Shoobx. We interviewed Furtodo to discuss his experiences and lessons learned from being a first time CEO.
By: Natalie Bartlett | February 21, 2017
Jennifer Lum, co-founder at Adelphic, investor, and advisor to early stage startups, shared tips on raising from angel investors and building a business in Boston.

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Social Media Platform Empowering America's Workforce

By: Keith Cline | February 17, 2017
Here's your look at the latest hires across Boston tech from companies including MIT's The Engine, Klaviyo, Fuze, Rue La La, LogMeIn, Fasten, Starry, HealthcareSource, CloudHealth Technologies, Mimecast, Mendix, and BitSight.
By: Colin W. Barry | February 17, 2017
Here's your preview of events in Boston's startup and tech sector for next week.
By: Keith Cline | February 16, 2017
Mylestone is a startup founded by Dave Balter which makes life’s precious memories easily accessible via virtual assistants, beginning with Amazon’s Alexa.