Hacks/Hackers Boston - Scott Kirsner: Covering a Beat Where Social Media & Multimedia Collide

When: Thu January 17, 2013 7:00 pm

Organization: Hacks/Hackers - Boston

Location: Boston Globe, 135 Morrissey Blvd., Dorchester, MA

Website: http://meetupbos.hackshackers.com/events/97719122/

What does it mean to cover a topic area using new tools and technologies, as the relationship with sources and readers is changing? Scott will share some of his experiences and ask you for your help brainstorming about what's next.

Scott has been thinking digital thoughts since he was part of the team that launched Boston.com in 1995. He writes the popular Innovation Economy blog for Boston.com and has been writing a column for the Boston Globe since 2000.

His work has also appeared in Wired, Fast Company, The New York Times, BusinessWeek, Newsweek, and Variety. Scott is also the author of the books "Fans, Friends & Followers" and "Inventing the Movies," was the editor of "The Convergence Guide: Life Sciences in New England," and was a contributor to "The Good City: Writers Explore 21st Century Boston."

Scott also helps organize several local events on entrepreneurship, including the Nantucket Conference and Future Forward.