SBANE - MA Breakfast Series

When: Wed January 16, 2013 7:30 am

Organization: SBANE

Location: Westin Hotel, 70 Third Avenue, Waltham, MA 02451


Woody Benson, a partner in Prism Venture Capital explained, "The problem with VC is you have to wear two very different hats: the first is the nurturing and enthusiast hat, the other the cold financial one. If one gets too close, too emotionally involved in a start up, you can lose your shirt; keep your distance and the firm dies like a flower in the desert." 

Alex Blum, CEO of KickApps, had other worries. "How can I get fast and actionable market research when we don't have the budget or expertise? This information is critical to the strategic direction of my company."

Finally, Perry Lowe of Bentley University lamented, "I run a MBA Corporate Immersion class. I need firms that can both help students learn about business and provide them with real world problems to solve - too often you get one without the other."