MassTLC - Sales and Marketing Seminar: On Message - On Brand: What Does it Take?

When: Tue December 04, 2012 8:30 am

Organization: Mass Technology Leadership Council

Location: UKTI, One Broadway, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142


What does ‘Brand’ mean today?  How do the best B2B brands keep their brands solid, credible and inspiring?  Particularly given the day-to-day challenges and the close scrutiny of social media. What makes them the best?  And does it matter – are companies more likely to buy from companies with the best ‘brand’?  Where do sales and marketing intersect here?

Content and messaging play a critical part, and yet keeping them consistent and compelling over the years isn’t easy.  What are the tools, processes and talent required to intelligently keep us top of mind? 

Buyers can research whatever they need regarding our products, customers and employees.  What can we do to ensure that ‘our face’ is one that they want to buy from?

Join us to learn how some of the best brands have implemented their Go-To-Market plan to create the best brand, content and messaging.  And how they institutionalized these processes in every employee -- not just those in sales and marketing -- to create more profitable revenue.