Predictive Analytics - Learn Something, Do Something and/or Share Something

When: Mon February 04, 2013 6:00 pm

Organization: Boston Predictive Analytics

Location: Microsoft NERD Center, 1 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02142


"Meetups are neighbors getting together to learn something, do something, share something..."

For many years the programming Meetup groups, such as Python and PhP groups, have lead the way in this respect.  The PhP group, which just celebrated 10 years on Meetup, has started another round of Percolate (group online training).  The Python group in particular has held monthly "Project Nights" for a couple years.

At the last Python event the idea of an Analytics Project Night was tossed around, and so here goes!  Many thanks to Microsoft NERD for hosting! We are looking for a pizza sponsor, and so if your company is interested in helping, then please let me know.

Upon RSVP'ing please jot down what you would like to learn/do (learn by doing!), and what areas you feel comfortable in helping others.   For python project nights I generally go with a "task" that is a subset of a larger project. for analytics project tasks looks something like this.

learn/do: interactive web analytics / viz (there are 20-30 or so options, and so need to get this down to a few); set up a chron job to pull periodically from an API (this may be Python project night for me!).

share: general stats/analytics (regression, decision-trees, social networks, cluster/factor analysis, segmentation), beginner R, share R code, running map/reduce in the cloud.

 If you don't know, then leave blank as I realize this event is several weeks away.   I will aggregate these towards helping us get organized. For Python Project nights, a few minutes are taken at the start where folks can communicate to the group what they plan to work on.  The room will be setup with round tables. If there is a lot of folks for a particular topic, then perhaps we take a side room and move more towards a workshop tutorial format.  Two tutorials that are being considered are:

Twitter Sentiment Analysis Using R  (the Python group has set up a page that includes Twitter Analysis Using Python).

Map/Reduce Word Count in the Cloud

An alternative name for this event is an unWorkshop (a spin-off of the unConference concept); i.e. if there is a topic you would like to teach a small group, then let me know as we have side rooms.