MIT Hacking Arts

When: Sat September 28, 2013 9:30 am

Organization: MIT Hacking Arts

Location: MIT Media Lab - E14, Cambridge, MA


MIT Media Lab
September 28/29, 2013

In a world... that increasingly values sensory experiences over physical things, interactions between the arts and technology are producing more moving,interactivepersonal, and immersive experiences than ever before. To extend these capabilities and inspire new advances in the creative industries, we present... Hacking Arts.

What is Hacking Arts?


MIT's first annual festival and hackathon exploring the intersection of arts and entertainment, technology, and entrepreneurship.


Two days of:


1. Inspiration

  • Hear from entrepreneurial thinkers in creative industries including music, film, fashion, visual, and performing arts

  • Check out demos from early-stage arts and entertainment startups

  • Experience tech-enabled live performances

  • Explore an exhibition of tech-inspired art

2. Ideation

  • Brainstorm, form diverse teams, and...


3. Hack!

  • Produce technology-based projects and ventures related to arts and entertainment

  • Win prizes!