Boston Front End Developers - Web Odyssey: 2013 & Front End Performance Matters

When: Wed November 28, 2012 7:00 pm

Organization: Boston Front End Developers

Location: Brightcove, 290 Congress Street 3rd Floor, Boston, MA


  • First Up: Web Odyssey: 2013!

    Demos and practical applications of the most cutting edge web technologies being released in 2013

    In this session we'll look at the exciting and brand new web technologies Mozilla, Opera, and Google are working on right now which will literally transform the web in 2013. From face recognition, to image and audio processing, to webAPIs we'll show you demos and capabilities of the latest and greatest technologies which will bring the mobile web user experience to the next-level!

  • Second talk: Front End Performance Matters

    As Front End developers, we all build web applications and web sites. In either case, performance matters. You may have tested in your local environment, but how do you know your customers around the world are having that same experience? At Yottaa, we have learned a lot about how to measure performance of both apps and web services. In this talk, we will show you which metrics to focus on to help achieve consistent performance for all of your end users. You will learn how to measure and benchmark, techniques to apply to improve, and ways to prioritize what to fix. Throughout the talk we will be using our free toolset that you can use in your own projects going forward.

    Matt Williams is a technical evangelist at Yottaa.