The Data Scientist - Seminar 5 - Visualizations & Storytelling

When: Mon December 03, 2012 6:30 pm

Organization: The Data Scientist

Location: Akiban Technologies, 560 Harrison Ave, Suite 411, Boston, MA


Data Scientists must be adept at communicating insights derived from data. This communication is as much as art as science and as Data Scientists we must be able to communicate this data up and down internally within the organization as well as externally to the market. Generally there are two communication considerations to any given story: the narrative and the visualization. The Data Scientist must be able to create a story around the data’s results, then appropriately communicate it. Narratives can be audience-specific and knowing how to structure the message as simply as possible is a key attribute of effective Data Scientists. They also must be able to select the most appropriate visualization to describe a given insight; practically, they need to know when to use a given chart type vs another.

In this seminar we will describe how to create effective narratives, recommend a visualization selection process, detail visualization packages, etc. We will also touch upon the trend of onshoring vs outsourcing visualization work as it pertains to analytics.