MassTLC Sales and Marketing Summit: OPTIMIZE: Doing More With Less

When: Thu February 28, 2013 8:30 am

Organization: MassTLC

Location: Microsoft NERD, Cambridge, MA


In today’s economy and corporate culture, every department is expected to do more with less, especially marketing. To our CEOs, “I don’t have enough budget” is an excuse that just doesn’t hold water. We are expected to use all our creative powers and marketing savvy to deliver strong results regardless of the constraints of limited budget and resources.

Sharpen your skills and learn what others are doing to be successful. Join MassTLC and the region’s marketing community for an insightful half day of knowledge sharing.  Hear what your peers are doing to find success, as they share the best practices and dos and don’ts of ‘marketing on a dime’.

Confirmed Speakers:

Joe Chernov, VP of Marketing, Kinvey
 Michael DiPietro, CMO, HealthcareSource
Mike Ewing, CMO , LogMeIn
Dave Gilbertson, VP and GM of SaveLocal, Constant Contact
 Jeanne Hopkins, CMO & EVP, SmartBear and the SmartBear Marketing Team
Christina Inge, Sr. Director of Marketing, eZuce
Patrick Kusior, Social, Webcast and Video Manager, Analog Devices
Mary-Katherine McCarey, VP of Marketing, Ipswitch
Todd McClain, VP of North American Marketing, Vistaprint
Ellie Mirman, Head of Marketing, mid-sized business segment, HubSpot
Ilya Mirman, VP of Marketing, Yottaa
Melodye Mueller, VP of Marketing, NaviSite
John Neeson, Managing Director and Co-founder, SiriusDecisions
Charlie Pendleton, VP of Product Marketing, Epsilon
Sheila RocchioVP of Marketing, PHT Corporation
Charlie Ungashick, 
CMO, Globoforce
Rich Vancil, 
Group VP, Executive Advisory Strategies, IDC
Catherine Van Evans, 
Director of Marketing Programs and Demand Gen, Lavastorm Analytics
Andy Zimmerman,
CMO, Brainshark


John Neeson, managing director and co-founder, SiriusDecisions will share research and insights on the future of marketing and the expected changes and skills gap in the marketing organization as they adapt to new processes, practices and geographic reach.


The Future of Marketing

The strategies, tools and tactics are changing and marketing executives are challenged to find the important balance of measuring what they did to reach customers yesterday, with imagining what they could do for customers tomorrow.

Join moderator John Neeson for an interactive discussion with Michael Ewing, CMO, LogMeIn; Todd McClain, VP of North American Marketing, VistaPrint; and Andy Zimmerman, CMO at Brainshark, as they share their insights on the holistic approach to customer experience and the future of marketing.  


10:15-11:15 TRACK 1

Session A

Prepare to Succeed: Creating Marketing Programs and Campaigns that Kick Butt

Creating an executing a marketing program is easy right? Then why are so many mediocre? Learn how to turn lack-luster marketing programs into ones that make your company shine. You’ll learn how others develop scalable programs that deliver quality over quantity, as well as generate leads and awareness via traditional and non-traditional methods.


  • Joe Chernov, VP of Marketing, Kinvey
  • Christina Inge, Sr. Director of Marketing, eZuce
  • Patrick Kusior, Social, Webcast and Video Manager, Analog Devices
  • Ellie Mirman, Head of Marketing, mid-sized business segment, HubSpot
  • Ilya Mirman, VP of Marketing, Yottaa

Session B

The Proof is in the Data: The 7 Metrics that Good Marketers Live and Die By

Do you aspire to be a more data-driven marketer? Join Jeanne Hopkins and her team from SmartBear Software as they lead you through a detailed workshop on the 7 metrics every marketer needs to look at and understand to demonstrate and improve ROI.  Her team will break down their own numbers and show you how to validate your contributions to your sales and marketing organization.  

Speakers: The SmartBear Marketing Team:

  • Jeanne Hopkins, CMO & EVPSmartBear 
  • Prashant Kaw, Director of Marketing - Middle of the FunnelSmartBear
  • Keith Lincoln, Sr. Director of MarketingSmartBear
  • Ed Thompson, Director of MarketingSmartBear

Session C

I Love My Job/ I Hate My Job: CMOs and VPs Connect on Issues that Keep Them up a Night
(VP and CMO only)

Ah, the life of a marketing executive... so much to love and not to love. What makes you good at what you do? Your ability to keep a cool head, hire a team of smart folks, capture and understand data and combine it with your gut to make decisions, articulate those decisions in a clear and convincing way, knowing that you have the power to make or break your company’s success. No pressure, right? In this session, join your peers for an honest and insightful discussion.  The goal of this time is to get out of the office and connect with others just like you who are facing similar challenges.  We will share successes, failures and strategies for thriving in this role that is of utmost importance to the businesses of the region. This session is for VP and CMOs only and will be facilitated by your peers.


  • Michael Ewing, CMO, LogMeIn
  • Todd McClain, VP of North American Marketing, Vistaprint
  • Andy Zimmerman, CMO, Brainshark

11:30-12:30  TRACK 2

Session A

A Little of This and a Little of That: Finding the Right Marketing Mix

Coming up with the right marketing mix isn’t easy, but extremely important. Your budget is limited and you have to spend it on programs that get you the results you need. Hear from three marketing leaders on how they allocate their budgets, make decisions to quit certain programs and try new ones, plus learn what their “go to” channels are that they can count on every time.


  • Mary-Katherine McCarey, VP of Marketing, Ipswitch 
  • Melodye Mueller, VP of Marketing, Navisite 
  • Sheila Rocchio, VP of Marketing, PHT Corporation
  • Rich VancilGroup VP, Executive Advisory Strategies, IDC
  • Catherine Van Evans, Director of Marketing Programs and Demand Gen, Lavastorm Analytics

Session B

You’re Only as Good as Your Team: Building the Right Team for Success

When you are resource constrained it’s important that everyone on the team is performing, and when they aren’t, it’s time to look for other solutions. Learn how to create a lean, mean marketing machine with little to no productivity drain. Discover how to better leverage expertise that’s within the company, train those who have the ability but not the skills, recognize when someone is a poor fit and take action, as well as identify, hire and manage small agencies and freelancers who can fill out the team.


  • Michael DiPietro, CMO, HealthcareSource
  • Dave Gilbertson, VP and GM of SaveLocal, Constant Contact
  • Charlie Pendleton, VP of Product Marketing, Epsilon
  • Charlie Ungashick, CMO, Globoforce