Launch Smart Concept Clinic: Making Music in America with Chrysalis Guitar Systems

When: Tue January 29, 2013 5:30 pm

Organization: MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge

Location: MIT Tang Center 70 Memorial Drive Cambridge, MA 02139


6:00-8:30pm Company presentation and feedback

Can this “chameleon” of a guitar be mass-produced to provide musicians-on-the-go with a customizable and portable professional instrument?

Chrysalis Guitar Company was founded by Tim White in 1998. Using modular construction, precision joinery and space-age materials, the Chrysalis guitar is customizable and more portable than traditional guitars. The modular approach—a musician can quickly assemble, dis-assemble or transform the sound of the instrument—is appealing to anyone who wants more guitar in less space. The Chrysalis system could include a wide selection of interchangeable aftermarket accessories to further enhance the playing experience and alter the instrument’s tonal range.

Fifteen prototypes of the Chrysalis guitar have been built and sold to date. Several were featured in the Boston MFA 2000 exhibit “Dangerous Curves”.  Each prototype took over 200 hours to hand craft, but to mass-market the design must be reconfigured for efficient manufacture at an affordable price point.

Tim will be joined by several musicians who will play the guitar and talk about its technology. Here is a clip of Harvey Reid, an internationally known singer/songwriter, playing the Chrysalis.

Join us at the Launch Smart Clinic  for a lively discussion following the presentation:

  • How should the Chrysalis guitar be positioned in the marketplace?
  • How should the guitar be manufactured for mass production?
  • What funding sources are available for the substantial design and manufacturing engineering required to make the Chrysalis an affordable mass-market instrument?

Ben Einstein, Managing Director at Bolt

Paul O’Malley, Founder, Paul O’Malley Associates

Harvey Reid of York, ME, an internationally known singer/songwriter who has been playing the Chrysalis for more than ten years


Pete McDonald, Relationship Manager, Silicon Valley Bank