MIT Enterprise Forum - Launch Smart Clinic with Adherean and WaveGuide

When: Wed December 05, 2012 5:30 pm

Organization: MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge

Location: Cambridge Innovation Center, Havana Room 5th Floor, 1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142


At the Launch Smart Clinic,  two companies will present their full investor presentation (not just the elevator pitch) and get feedback from our distinguished panelists and the audience. Please join us and help these companies tighten their growth and fundraising plans while you glean insights into what investors other others are advising them.  Your input will make a difference to their success!

5:30-6:00pm  Registration, networking and pizza

6:00-9:00pm  Two Company presentations followed by feedback

Presenting Companies

Adherean  is taking a novel clinical data platform out of MIT. Comparable to a digital home pregnancy test, our technology uses a single disposable daily assay to measure patient medication levels and other health markers. Rather than a yes/no answer, though, our handheld device encrypts the output of the assay into a secret reward code that can be submitted remotely. This provides us with a home-based way to get direct clinical data on patient adherence patterns, and also to reward patients who are staying on track with their regimens. We are taking on seed capital to support initial implementations in collaboration with Gilead (HIV) and Merck (Hepatitis C).
Presenter:  Josiah Seale, Co-founder

WaveGuide Corporation develops simple, high performance, and affordable medical devices that address the most difficult challenges in global health. Our-rapid Point-of-Testing (POT) handheld nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer (µ-NMR) enables clinicians and other healthcare professionals around the globe to provide a ‘diagnose and treat’ solution within their own office, clinics and hospitals . Our proprietary suite of nanoparticles and µ-NMR technology, designed specifically for Point-of-Testing, enables early diagnosis of ovarian cancer, tumor profiling and diagnosis of tuberculosis within 30 minutes allowing immediate treatment, improving compliance and reducing healthcare costs. Presenter: Marcus Semones PhD, Co-founder


Jack Langworthy, Managing Director, Covington Associates

Duane Sword, CEO,  Precisive, LLC

Kevin Wiant, CEO & President, Spar Mobile

Laura Ring,  WTAS LLC