- UX Tools, Tips & Tricks

When: Mon November 05, 2012 6:00 pm


Location: Campus 500 Harrison Ave Boston, MA 02118


User Experience Tools, Tips & Tricks

Amy Bucher, Behavioral Scientist, Wellness & Prevention (Johnson & Johnson)

User Research Tool, Tricks & Tips

In this course we will review some of the methods you can use to better understand your users, what they want from your product, and what their experience is using your product. We'll cover methos such as heuristic testing, in-depth interview (IDIs), focus groups, paper prototyping, ethnographic observation, and surveys. The focus is on the type of data you can gain through each approach and how it might impact your product, as well as some tips on getting the research done on a budget.

About the Instructor

Amy Bucher is a behavioral scientist and strategist with expertise in qualitative and quantitative methods, program design, behavioral research, and market research. With a PhD in Psychology, she designs and writes tailored web-based health coaching programs that effectively motivate and support behavior change for users. Her areas of focus include problem definition and solution development, systematic and creative research to support strategic actions, and communication across multiple formats and audience types.