- Scaling Company Culture

When: Thu January 10, 2013 6:00 pm


Location: Campus, 500 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118


Scaling Culture

Instructors: Kyle York and Cory von Wallenstein 

When you found a startup, workplace culture is probably the first thing that defines you. Your culture will help you hire employees who will help you build and grow that company. Cultivating and maintaining that culture when the company is small is easy. But how do you do that when the company grows from 10 people to 50 and then from 50 to 200? Kyle York and Cory von Wallenstein have done that with Dyn and they will share their secrets with you.

You'll Learn:  

  • The important of culture in the workplace 
  • How to maintain culture during periods of rapid growth
  • Why culture is so much more than having video games: it is one of the most important and conscientious decisions you will make as a founder

About the Instructors

As the Chief Technology Officer, Cory von Wallenstein leads technical strategy, innovation and development across all Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings for DNS, Email and Labs. Surrounded by a team of passionate and talented engineering, marketing, business development, and product experts, he is not only committed to growing the market for IaaS solutions as a whole, but to maximizing the role Dyn plays in the marketplace.

Kyle York serves as the Chief Revenue Officer, leading the overall sales, business development, customer service and marketing efforts for the company. He is responsible for the corporate strategy and positioning behind Dyn’s rapid and aggressive expansion into the enterprise marketplace and eCommerce revenue growth. Anyone client facing or anything revenue impacting falls under Kyle’s purview.