- Legal Land Mines: What to Know When Starting Your Startup

When: Tue November 27, 2012 6:00 pm


Location: Campus, 500 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118



Legal Landmines: What to Know When Starting Your Startup

Instructors: Mick Bain & Janene Asgeirsson, WilmerHale


Starting a new company is hard, but putting in place the right legal framework for your business doesn’t have to be. 


In this class, you’ll learn  how to avoid the most common costly mistakes when starting your company from Mick Bain and Janene Asgeirsson, two experts on start-up law from WilmerHale. If you misstep early, it could cost you BIG later, making it more challenging or even impossible to build a successful business. 

Did you know you can be liable for 3x a person’s wages for failure to pay? Thought so. This class will save you from these lethal mistakes. Having worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and start-ups, Mick and Janene will cover topics like: 

  • Founder equity – How to allocate % among founders and vesting do’s and don’ts
  • Employee compensation and using options
  • Capital raising do’s and don’ts
  • Using independent contractors and interns and avoiding personal liability
  • What type of legal entity is really best for you?


The class will end with an open Q&A with Mick & Janene; come get the answers to your burning startup legal questions! Don’t make your life harder than it has to be - come learn the fundamentals and save yourself headaches, money and wasted effort down the line.