- Growing a Successful SaaS Business

When: Mon November 19, 2012 6:00 pm


Location: Campus, 500 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118


Growing a Successful SaaS Business

Instructor: Cory von Wallenstein, Dyn

Sorry to break it to you so bluntly, but this will be good for you: just because you have the best engineered and easiest to use product does NOT mean you will grow a successful SaaS business. It comes down to how well you can grow and retain customers that stick with you year after year.

During this class, Cory will talk about the lessons learned at Dyn in growing bookings from under $5MM to over $36MM in four years, and how these lessons can be applied to any SaaS business. You'll learn: 

  • A solid framework for growing a SaaS business focused on creating happy customers that stick with you year after year that can easily be evangelized within any company.
  • Specific strategies and tactics to focus on for increasing the number of new paying customers you have signing up for your SaaS venture.
  • How to ensure that you retain customers year after year. 

After all, even if you grow new sign ups by 50%, if your churn is 40%, your net growth is only 10%; get that churn down to 10%, and your net growth is 40%. That makes a HUGE difference.

About the Instructor

As the Chief Technology Officer of Dyn, Cory Von Wallenstein, leads technical strategy, innovation and development across all Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings for DNS, Email and Labs. Surrounded by a team of passionate and talented engineering, marketing, business development, and product experts, he is not only committed to growing the market for IaaS solutions as a whole, but to maximizing the role Dyn plays in the marketplace.