- Google Analytics: A Beginner's Guide

When: Tue November 06, 2012 6:00 pm


Location: Campus 500 Harrison Ave Boston, MA 02118


Google Analytics: A Beginner's Guide

You know what they say - you can't manage it unless you measure it! Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie, Google Analytics is an essential tool for measuring the success of your marketing programs, evaluating product initiatives and learning about your users.

This class is for those who are totally new to Google Analytics. The course will cover the basics:

    How it works
    Visitors - who visits your site
    Traffic Sources - how visitors find your site
    Content - what did visitors interact with on your site
    Utm parameters - learn how to track your marketing campaigns


About the Instructor

Sarah Hodges is the co-founder of Intelligently and is the head of Marketing at Smarterer, a Boston startup that validates professional skills. Sarah also provides marketing consulting to startups Prior to Smarterer, Sarah was the Director of Marketing at RunKeeper, helping the team grow to a community of over 10MM passionate fitness enthusiasts. Sarah was also part of the Carbonite team, driving web analytics and online optimization leading up to the company's 201o IPO. Sarah first learned Google Analytics as the co-owner of Pavo Real, a women's eCommerce site and mail order catalog company.