Innovation Series Event: Early Risers: The Long Road to Market Adoption

When: Wed November 28, 2012 6:00 pm

Organization: MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge

Location: MIT Stata Center, Kirsch Auditorium 32 Vassar Street Cambridge, MA 02139

Speaker(s): att Nordan, Vice President, Venrock; Mark Martin, Vice President, MEMS/Sensors, Analog Devices; David Eaglesham, CEO, Pellion; Josh Boger, Executive Chairman, Alkeus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Disruptive technology.  New technology.  Cutting-edge technology.  Market-changing technology.  We’ve heard the promise, we’ve seen the technology working in the lab, we know it can change the game.  But what if the market lags behind and nobody is willing to buy ?  What if technology development hits significant barriers?  What is a startup or company to do?  Give up or forge ahead?  Remember, it took the airbag almost 40 years to move from idea to widespread adoption.

Our program looks at the conundrum of technology adoption from the stories of companies and individuals who have survived the long path to real sales.  We’ll look at MEMS, thin film solar panels, and drugs as our panelists relate the decisions they faced, the lessons they learned, and the strategies they employed to keep their technologies and companies alive and interested while they waited for the markets to develop, and their technologies to mature.  If you’re looking to move from the lab to the marketplace, you need to understand their experiences.


Josh Boger, Executive Chairman, Alkeus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

David Eaglesham, CEO, Pellion

Mark Martin, Vice President, MEMS/Sensors,  Analog Devices


Matt Nordan, Vice President, Venrock