Innovation lessons from high-tech companies

When: Wed November 07, 2012 11:00 am

Organization: Imaginatik


Speaker(s): Michael Davies, Endeavour Partners


Webinar with Michael Davies, Chairman of Endeavour Partners & Senior Lecturer at MIT

The bar for innovation is perhaps at its highest in the high-tech industry. High-tech companies grapple with continuous technological evolution, fast moving competitors and new, innovative start-ups. Product life cycles are short, and success requires constant innovation.

Join us for a free webinar Wednesday, Nov. 7 as Michael Davies, Chairman of Endeavour Partners and Senior Lecturer at MIT, discusses how a "less is more" approach is critical for successful innovation in high-tech, and how this approach can be applied regardless of industry. Topics for discussion will include the "right" number of products and features to develop, the "right" team size to drive innovation, and why to focus on cooperation more than competition.

Case studies will bring to light tangible lessons from the high-tech industry. Michael will discuss companies such as Apple and Dropbox, both successful examples of a "less is more" innovation approach. He will also speak to how to exploit and innovate ahead of shifts in consumer and architectural preferences, using examples such as Nokia and Motorola.

Participants will come away with a new framework for driving innovation – one that relies upon a disciplined, focused approach to enable success and productivity. A link to a recording of the webinar and presentation materials will be available afterward.