Happier UX Hour

When: Thu December 20, 2012 6:30 pm

Organization: Happier

Location: Happier Headquarters, 319 A Street, Suite 5F, Boston

Website: http://happier.com/uxhour

If you're a UX designer or love and appreciate UX, we hope you'll join us for our first-ever Happier UX Hour!

Happier is a happiness company. We're building a mobile application to encourage you to find happy moments in every day, share them with friends and family, and be inspired to do more of what makes you happier.

Here's why we think coming to this event will make you happier:

1)  You'll get to meet some kickass local UX'ers and trade war stories, fave design resources and more.

2)  Your wallet will remain full while you enjoy some free drinks and snacks, courtesy of Gemvara.

3)  You might learn a thing or two or even better, be inspired (and learning new things makes you happier!

We hope you'll come out to support and help energize our local UX community by being part of this event - and inviting your UX friends to join us. That would make us happier!