Google Developers Group - Google Apps Script - Arun Nagarajan, Google

When: Thu February 21, 2013 6:30 pm

Organization: Google Developers Group

Location: Google, 141 Portland Street, #700, Cambridge, MA



  • Google Apps Script is a cloud based JavaScript environment which allows you to write powerful applications and workflows around Google Apps such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, Sheets and more. The development is entirely within a browser and its free and easy to get started. Come learn all the capabilities of Google Apps Script and walk away being able to write your first script.

    Presentation Outline:

    - What is Apps Script?
    - How to get started
    - My first script
    --- Scripts within Spreadsheet
    --- Scripts as a web app
    --- Scripts as a dashboard
    --- Scripts in a Google Site
    --- Scripts integrated with Gmail and Drive
    --- Scripts running on a trigger
    --- Scripts for User/Domain Administration
    --- Advanced features - ScriptDb, Templates, Libraries, Chrome Web Store etc.
    - Where to go for further help

    Speaker Profile 

    Arun Nagarajan is a Senior Developer Advocate at Google. As part of the Developer Relations team, Arun works closely with Google Apps customers, partners and independent developers to help build compelling applications and workflows using Google Apps Script. Prior to Google, Arun spent over 9 years at a Boston area mobile software company building a cross-platform mobile application development framework for large enterprises. Arun has a BS in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. Arun resides in New York City but still loves the outdoors.