General Assembly : Writing Apps for Windows 8

When: Thu February 28, 2013 6:30 pm

Organization: General Assembly Boston

Location: Cambridge Innovation Center (5th floor), One Broadway, Cambridge MA


Windows 8 offers a new and unique opportunity for front-end web developers, allowing them to use languages they already know (HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript) to create apps. This class is a general introduction to the Windows 8 platform, and will touch on:

  • the process, start to finish, of developing apps for Windows 8 
  • key Windows 8 features that students' apps can leverage, and 
  • how to get apps into the Windows Store (and begin earning money!)

A general understanding of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS will be helpful. No experience in Windows development is necessary.

Required Materials/Software
Student should download and install Windows 8 (free evaluation version) along with Visual Studio 2012 (free Express for Windows 8 version). Students can also register for free with Generation App to get access to developer resources and guidance.