General Assembly Boston - Intro to Unity3D : 3D Game Level Design

When: Sun December 16, 2012 11:00 am

Organization: General Assembly Boston

Location: GA Boston, Cambridge Innovation Center, One Broadway, 5th Floor, Cambridge, MA


Intro to Unity3D : 3D Game Level Design 

Jason Wiser

Sunday, December 16th from 11 am to 7 pm

Are you a gamer at heart? Interested in learning how to create 3D games yourself? Don't be can do it! This one-day intensive workshop offers a hands-on introduction to Unity 3D interface and issues of Level Design in a 3D environment. The workshop explores terrain creation, 3D object manipulation, and the use of scripts to create a basic first person shooter.

Food and drinks will be provided!

No experience with Unity 3D is necessary although a familiarity with 3D games is beneficial.
Student takeaways:
Level Design
  • How to manage player choice
  • Uses of space, challenges, and goals
  • How to enhance player navigation
  • How to import 3D objects and textures
  • Asset creation issues
  • Methods of Evaluation and Level revision
Introduction to Unity 3D scripts
  • How to create interactive 1st person cameras
  • How to set up enemy combatants and player weapons
Introduction to Unity 3D interface
  • Terrain building
Students should download Unity 3D onto their computer before coming to class.

About the Instructor:
 Jason Wiser is game developer and teacher with twelve years experience including lectures at Pixar Studios, the Game Developers Conference, and PAX East. His published games include "Slam Bolt Scrappers" by Fire Hose Games and "Dance Central" by Harmonix Music Systems. He is the Creative Director of Yaya Play LLC, a children's media company that uses Unity 3D.