General Assembly Boston - Intro to PhoneGap : Building Apps with HTML5

When: Tue February 12, 2013 6:30 pm

Organization: General Assembly Boston

Location: GA Boston, Cambridge Innovation Center, One Broadway, 5th Floor, Cambridge, MA


Developing mobile apps can involve a lot of new and unexpected challenges. Beyond needing to learn a whole new programming language (Objective C for iPhone, or Java for Android), one common complaint among new app developers is that the development environments for those languages are confusing, hard to use, and poorly documented. One alternative to this approach is developing in PhoneGap, which allows developers to build apps with HTML5 and JavaScript (standard tools for most web developers switching to mobile).

This class will serve as a simple and practical introduction to the PhoneGap platform; we’ll cover the theory behind PhoneGap, pros and cons (as compared to direct development), and how PhoneGap can be used to design and implement mobile apps. We'll also look at a case study - a mobile app developed in PhoneGap called Plot Hound - which uses compass and geolocation APIs, local storage, WebSQL, and jQueryMobile.

This is a beginner/intermediate course - some knowledge of HTML and JavaScript will help things go more smoothly. For a refresher, check out W3schools' tutorials on HTML and Javascript.

Required Materials/Software:
Please bring a laptop with either Firefox or Chrome installed.

About the Instructor

Max Uhlenhuth is the co-founder and technical lead of SilviaTerra, a high-tech forestry company. Often combining many diverse technologies into a single project, he enjoys working on projects ranging from robotics and cloud computing to GIS and mobile. A 2012 graduate of Yale University, Max was recently named by Forbes as one of America's top college entrepreneurs.